In Memory of Losice Shtetl Which Once Graced This Earth and is No More...

The Restored Cemetery - May 2008

Years of hard labor, endless efforts and dedication finally bear fruit - as the memorial monument of the Jewish destroyed cemetery of Losice was erected. The dedication ceremony took place in May 2008, with the participation of donors, survivors, successor generation and supporters.

Viktor Lewin who was the main force  of the project  would  like to thank first of all the the survivors and children of survivors, many of whom travelled from great distances to attend:
Jankiel Kulawiec, survivor, living in Legnica;
 Yakov Voda (Jankiel's grandson), wife Zipora and sister-in-law Miriam from Afula, Israel;
Renee Glassner, survivor and her husband Martin Glassner  from Hamden, Connecticut, along with their grand-daughter Marisa Abrahams;

 Rosalie Holmgren (daughter of survivor Dora Goldfarb) and husband Arne from Stockholm, Sweden;

Len Rutman (son of survivor Luba Rutman) and Lucyna Grych from Toronto, Ontario (Canada);

Gert Solnik Rogers from Toronto, Ontario;

Barbara Hilpman from Marysville, Kansas;

Dr. Norman Weinberg and wife Hannah from Buffalo, New York;

Friede and Katie Hopf from Oldenburg, Germany;

Viktor Lewin (son of survivor Jakob Lewin) from Winnipeg, Manitoba,(Canada);
Warren Grynberg from U.K. and Yitzhak Eisenberg from Israel.


Viktor Lewin wish to than also the partners in Poland:

Mayor Janusz Kobylinski, Piotr Wyczolkowski, Ania Jastrzebska of Losice and Rafal Zubkowicz of Sarnaki. Their support and friendship is unwavering and to a very large degree instrumental to the realization of the memorial. I also want to thank Marek Jerzman, Dr. Norman Weinberg and Andrzej Omasta.

The Tombstones I מצבות

The Tombstones II מצבות

The Tombstones III מצבות

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Dedication 20 May 2008

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Aug 2006: Son's Tribute to His Father

Renewied Appeal August 16th, 2006


Back from Losice June 2006: Our Sanctuary




Status of the Losice Memorial Project


 December 8th, 2007


Losice Memorial: Dec 2007


Since the beginning of October much has been achieved towards the completion of the Losice Memorial Project. These four photos are the most recent to come from Losice and they highlight this magnificant progress. As you can see there is now a wall around the cemetery site, a central stairway with walkways on either side leading up to the front entrance gate and the return of the matzevot ( gravestones ) to the site from which they were removed by the Nazis in 1942. In addition, the wording to the memorial is being discussed.


Our thanks to you - the supporters of the Losice Memorial Project, survivors and their families, Ada Holtzman, the citizens of Losice and Dr. Norman Weinberg and the PJCRP.


We continue to look towards the month of May 2008 for our rededication ceremony.

 Your comments, contributions, etc. are always welcome.


 May the remainder of your Hanukkah be happy and peaceful.

 Warmest regards as always.

Viktor Lewin




Current Status of Losice Memorial Project 


September 23rd, 2005


Dear Friends ,


We have come a long way in such a short time . It has been five years since the birth of this project and we have all worked very hard to get to this point .

          Included are photos of how we would like the memorial to look - front and back views with wall and gate configurations .

         Dr. Norman Weinberg* and his staff have worked tirelessly . They deserve our thanks !

         We continue to pursue funding from any and all sources in order for this memorial to become the reality which it so justly deserves - a tribute to Losice's Jews .

         On behalf of everyone involved with the memorial project I wish you peace and contentment .


 Shalom !


 Viktor Lewin


* PJCRP – Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project           




       Status of Losice Memorial Project -  June 2004 

Brianne, Viktor Lewin' s daughter, near the broken tombstones (Matzevot) in the late Dr. Wroblewski's yard, 2002, before restoration


First Appeal – December 2002

Winnipegger Raisinng Funds to Restore Looted Gravestones in Poland "Canadian Jewish News" August 28th, 2003

The Donors & Supporters of the Losice Memorial Project in Poland: Restoration of the Jewish Cemetery

July 2003: $5700 collected from donors towards the restoration of the Jewish Cemetery of Losice!

September 2003: The Tombstones are Finally Recovered after 60 Years...

Status June 2004

Last updated July 25th, 2008


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