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In memory of my beloved mother Rywcia (Rivka) HOLTZMAN née GOSTYNSKI, born in Gombin (Gąbin), Poland 1915, died in Kibbutz Evron, Israel, 1969

Shalom 5775... Shalom 5776... 1 Tishrei 5776 (13.09.2015) happy new year, Shana Tova to all my dear friends

Remembering  also all the miserable, sick, hungry, oppressed  and wishing all freedom, health, love, hope and peace shalom. Ada Holtzman


Shalom 5774 Shalom 5775 1 Tishrei 5775 (25.09.2014) Shana Tova to my dear friends and family remember also the poor and hungry, the oppressed, weak and defenceless People without homeland, without freedom Let this new year bring everybody new hope, prosperity and peace. Shalom Ada

Marc Chagall. Clowns at Night. (Les saltimbanques dans la nuit). 1957. Oil on canvas. Private collection.


Shalom 5773... Shalom 5774...Wishing You Shana Tova, Peach and Love, Ada, 1 Tishrei 5774 (05.09.2013)

Marc Chagall: The Source of Music, Metropolitan Opera Mural


Marc Chagall, La mariée, 1950


Bouquet with Flying Lovers, 1934-47 , oil on canvas, Tate Gallery, London

 Shalom 5769 - health, happiness, love and peace to you and shalom to all the  People of Israel and the whole world! Ada Holtzman, Tel Aviv  Tishrei 1, 5769 (30.9.2008)


Lovers with Flowers, 1927, oil on canvas, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Shalom 5768... Shana Tova to you, happiness, peace and love! SHALOM   Ada Holtzman, Tel Aviv 1 Tishrei 5768 (13.9.2007)


Marc Chagall:Lovers in the Lilacs 1930, oil on canvas, Richard S. Zeisler Collection, New York.

 Wishing you Shana Tova 5767, new year full of happiness, love, light and fulfillment of the most important dream of all: PEACE, SHALOM    Ada Holtzman


Marc Chagall: The Three Candles, 1938-40, private collection

One candle for the memory of the past, second candle for the love and joy of present life  and third candle for eternal peace. May we all walk together in the most difficult and long long road to peace Shana Tova 5766 Ada Holtzman


Marc Chagall (1887-1985), Les Mariés de la tour Eiffel, ca 1938

Shana Tova,  joy of life, health, happiness, love and peace to you and your dear family and shalom to all the  People of Israel and the whole world! Ada Holtzman, Tel Aviv 1 Tishrei 5765 (16.9.2004)


Marc Chagall: the Blue Violinist 1947

Shana Tova, health, joy of life, self-fulfillment, love and peace to you and your dear family and shalom to all the People of Israel and the whole world!

Ada Holtzman, Tel Aviv 1 Tishrei 5764 (27.9.2003)

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Marc Chagall (1887-1985) Loneliness, 1933

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A Picture is Worth 15 Million Words
by Jonny Cline, Executive Director, 4.09.2015

The Syrian civil war has been raging since 2011, as has the Libyan. Since then ISIS has been beheading and displacing people, especially Christians and Yazidis, across Northern Iraq and its surroundings. More recently, civil war in Yemen has created a similarly disturbing impact. 

Nearly 15,000,000 children not people, there are many millions more people, just the number of children reaches 15 million are moving around the world, having no home left of their own, to try and find a place to pitch their tent, literally in many cases. 

15 million children, and yet nothing made me stop in my tracks, made my stomach churn, like the picture I saw yesterday. 

That picture, of a small child in a red t-shirt, he could not have been more than 4 or 5 judging by his size, washed up, dead, on the beach. 

I see pictures, numbers, infographics, reports, every single day that is my job but nothing has hit me like this. 

My first reaction was to call the editor, share with him my view that this picture is just too harsh, and to demand that it is removed. My second reaction was to realise just how shocking the reality is that leads to children, just babies, living in such desperation, that having their lifeless body washed up on the beach is a risk worth taking over the reality into which they were born. My third thought was that now, finally, enough people must be moved, to care, to do, something. 

I feel guilty not that my reality is that in which I take my own children each morning from our comfortable home, with plenty of food in their bellies and bags, to their schools and playgrounds, whilst I go off into the city to work then return home but that I manage to live that life, day-to-day, without stopping to care enough about those who have never lived in such a reality, but are willing to die trying. 

In 1946 UNICEF was founded as tens of millions of refugees were looking for a place to be in post-war Europe. Yesterday I was sent a picture of 210 Jewish orphans in Greece who were helped by UNICEF to come to pre-State Israel for adoption I also saw picture of war orphans who are sitting in parks and train stations in Macedonia today, not knowing when or where they will be allowed to end their past and perhaps to begin their future. 

Stalin is quoted as saying, One death is a tragedy, One million deaths is a statistic. 

FIFTEEN MILLION children is a statistic, an overwhelming one, but that one death that I saw yesterday is a tragedy that I cannot stand by and let pass me by. 

I am lucky enough to be working for an organisation that is in the field, in Macedonia just as we are in Zaatari, saving the lives and the futures of those that survive the journey. 

You can help too.

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