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Who is the little girl in the old photograph, seen with my mother Rywcia Gostynska Gombin, 1934? There are more such pictures with the same beautiful little unknown girl, probably a niece from Zakroczym. She perished in the Holocaust, without leaving any traces. I want to know and remember her name!

18.9.99: I found the name, through the help of Isachar Pater, and in the book of J. Zilberberg: "Zakroczym Sheli" - published by the author 1985, (in the necrology list) and the data from ZAKROCZYM JRI Polish State Archive. The name of the family was: "PIJERZHNJANKA"!!! (the baker).


This section is dedicated to the anonymous Jewish victims of the Holocaust; robbed of their culture, their families, their property and their lives; whose blood fill the frozen rivers of Poland; their eternal cry shutters the skies of that land; their ashes scattered in the cursed earth and their holy memory dwells in our heart. Ada Holtzman

Tel Aviv 2.3.1999.

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The "Sidur" (Prayer Book) from Jozefow 1881

The Cigarettes Case of Henryk Jakobowski


Who is the girl in the old photograph, seen with my uncle, Pinkus Gostynski in the forest of Gombin? Ben Guyer (Chaja) informed me she was his cousin, and her mother was the sister of my grandfather, Jakob Gostynski from Gombin. She married a baker in Zakroczym. The family perished in the Nazi Holocaust. What were their names?

18.9.99: I found the name, through the help of Isachar Pater, and in the book of J. Zilberberg: "Zakroczym Sheli" - published by the author 1985, (in the necrology list) and the data from ZAKROCZYM JRI - Polish State Archive Database Zakroczym. The name of the family was: "PIJERZHNJANKA"!!! (the baker). Remained unsolved is the little girl's given name and my great aunt's name and who was the family who has had no survivors!

Last updated  August 2nd, 2015 (first posted in May 1999)

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