WE REMEMBER JEWISH LOSICE! Matzevot Recovered in Losice

Matzevot Recovered in Losice September 2003

Mina Rachel
The Dear and Modest Woman
daughter of R' Mosze z"l
d. Nissan 1, 5693 (March 28, 1933)
T.N.Z.B.A. (May her Soul Be Bound Up in the Bond of Everlasting Life!)

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The Tombstones I מצבות

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New Matzevot Deciphered III   מצבות (July08)  

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My Heart Breaks With Those Broken Stones... by Ada Holtzman

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Current Status of Losice Memorial Project 

September 23rd, 2005


Dear Friends ,


We have come a long way in such a short time . It has been five years since the birth of this project and we have all worked very hard to get to this point .

          Included are photos of how we would like the memorial to look - front and back views with wall and gate configurations .

         Dr. Norman Weinberg* and his staff have worked tirelessly . They deserve our thanks !

         We continue to pursue funding from any and all sources in order for this memorial to become the reality which it so justly deserves - a tribute to Losice's Jews .

         On behalf of everyone involved with the memorial project I wish you peace and contentment .


 Shalom !


 Viktor Lewin


* PJCRP – Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project           




The late Dr. Wroblewski's house built in 1932, taken over by the Nazis in 1941 to be the headquarters for the gendarmerie of the region. All known matzevot from Losice, Mordy, and Sarnaki were brought to this property and stayed there until Setember 2003...



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Last updated October 1st, 2006

Chaja Chawa
daughter of reb Mosze h'Lewi
d. Shevat 23, 5674(February 19,1914)

daughter of reb Jakob
d. Elul 8, 5699 (August 23, 1939)

..."An honest and pious woman, modest in her deeds and dear..."

Szlomo Meir
Son of Szmuel Neta
d. Tammuz 10, 5688
(June 28, 1928)

Riwka Szpigelman
daughter of Jakob Pessach

Sara Zelda
daughter of . Yona
d.Tammuz 7, 5691
June 22, 1931

Szmuel Jakob...
d. ...5696 (~1936)

The Mayor of Losice Janusz Kobylinski and a macewa

Michael Yosef
son of Jakob
d. Shevat 22, 5648
February 4, 1888

..Here lies buried
the dear and important maiden

Cwi Yehuda
son of Abraham
Tammuz 7, 5655
(June 29, 1895)

...A innocent man...

Golda Rywka
daughter of Israel Icchak
d. Elul 25, 5699 (September 9, 1939)

Jakob Szymon
son of Lipa
Tishrei 17, 5682 (October 19, 1921)

Szmuel Dawid
son of Cwi Jakob
? Iyar 5695
(? May 1935)

Chaja Jached...


More Tombstones Deciphered October 2005
(Click to enlarge)

Decipered with the help of Adv. Meir (Garbarz) Gover

Elchanan Jakob son of Mosze Yehuda d. Tishrei 3, 5656,
Sept. 21,1895

Szlomo Dawid son of Baruch z"l
d. Tamuz 14, 5634, June 29,1874

Reuwen, son of Icchak z"l d. Adar II 26, 5665, March 4, 1905

Ester Rachel, daughter of Yeshayahu z"l
d. Heshvan 23, 5671, Nov 25, 1910

Gerszon Yehuda, son of Josef, d. Av 15, 5698, August 12, 1938








Chaja Liba, daughter of Jakob, d. Kislev 6, 5695, December 13, 1934

Lea daughter of reb Jakob died 10 Adar I 5695 / Feb 13, 1935

Jakob Joel, son of living Israel Icchak, died 6 Shvat year missing

Szlomo Zalman, son of Szaul Cwi z"l, died 28 Nisan 5695 / 1May 1, 1935

Basza (Batya), daughter of Yosef Ajzik z"l, died 22 Nisan 5695 / April 25, 1935.

Abraham Yehuda son of Dawid z"l, died 1 Kislev 5678 / Nov. 16, 1917

Dawid son of Szmuel Abraham z"l, died 23 Elul 5674 / Sep.14, 1914

Zeew son of Szmuel z"l, died 1 Tevet 5679 /  Dec.4, 1918

Szmuel son of Cwi z"l, died 11 or 21 Av 5673 / Aug. 14 or 24, 1913

Arie Leib, son of Meir z"l, died 6 Nisan, 5653 / March 23 1893

Frieda, daughter of Szalom Menachem z"l, died 6 Adar I 5681 / Feb 20 1921

Azriel son of Mosze z"l, died 20 Adar 5691 /  Mar.9,1931

Rafael (old and honest man) son of Yeszayahu z"l, died 2 Sh'vat 5659  Jan. 13, 1899

Yeszayahu son of Natan (levite) z"l, died 27 Sh'vat 5680, Feb. 16, 1920, 20 years old

Jakob son of Cwi z"l, died  4 Tishrei 5677, Oct.1, 1916

Meir Cwi son of Icchak Dov z"l, died 24 Iyar 5696 -  May 16, 1936

Abraham Yehuda son of Dawid z"l, died Kislev 5678 - Nov. 16, 1917

Dawid son of Szmuel Abraham z"l, died 23 Elul 5674 - Sep.14, 1914

Zeew son of Szmuel z"l, died 1 Tevet 5679 - Dec.4, 1918

Szmuel son of Cwi z"l, died 11 or 21 Av 5673 - Aug. 14 or 24, 1913

Abraham Jakob son of Szmuel Pinchas z"l, died  29 Ahvat 5677 - Feb.21, 1917

Efraim Yehuda son of Ouziel z"l, died 2 Adar 567? - Feb. between 1911 and 1919
Mordechai Josef son of Rabbi Moshe Pinchas  (living), died 12 Tevet ?  Feb. ??
Chana Chaia daughter of Szlomo (living),
         died 1 Iyar 5672 - . April 18, 1912

Sara Riwka, daughter of Abraham z"l, died 3 Iyar 5687 - May 5, 1927

Pesia Golda, daughter of Abraham z"l, wife of Rabbi Meir z"l, died 30 Tishrei 5695 - Oct. 9, 1934

Ester Lea, daughter of Yeszayahu z"l, died 23 Chesvan 5671 - November 25, 1910

Rabbi Baruch Bendt, son of Dow (living), died 6 Kislev 5625 - November 20, 1860

The oldest  tombstone which was found!

Aba Meir (the Cohen), son of Menachem Fishel (living), date of death - unknown

Yeszayahu, son of Icchak Ajzik (living) from Brisk d'Lita (Brest), died in the terrible W.W.I., on  4 Tamuz 5674-  June 28, 1914

Nuta (Nathan) Lejb, son of Jakob z"l, died 21 Tushrey 5675 -  October 11, 1914

Chaja Rachel, daughter of Zeew z"l, died 29 Nisan 5646 - May 4, 1886

Lejba son of Moszek Lejzer z"l, died: 08 Iyar 5656 - April 21, 1896

Mrs. Zelda Ruchl daughter of Mejer z"l

08 Tevet 5659 -

April 18, 1899

The young Mrs. Sara Mirjam daughter of living Mejer Michael

16 Tamuz 5697 -

June 25, 1937

Mrs. Sara Ruchl daughter of Szmul z"l

15 Tevet 5656 -

January 01, 1896

At the top: symbol of Levis: water jug to wash the Cohanim hands in the Temple.

Young non married Moszek son of living Srul (Halevi)

13 Chesvan 5632 - October 28, 1871

Mrs. Czypa Golda daughter of  living Szlama Zalman

26 Tevet 5689

January 08, 1929

Mrs. Kejla Brejna daughter of Abram Ajzyk Z"L

24 Shvat 5693

February 20, 1933

At the top: Cohanim symbol: two palms


Moszek Hersz son of living Josef Dawid (HaCohen) from Siedlce

04 Elul 5630 -

August 31, 1870

Jojna Aron son of Czajzel (or Anszel) z"l

01 Elul 5657 - August 29, 1897

Tuwja son of Paltiel (HaCohen) z"l

05 Adar A' 5686 - February 09, 1916

The maid Chana Towa, daughter of Icchak Ajzik (levite), died 24 Chesvan 5673 /  Nov. 4, 1912


z"l ז"ל: "of Blessed Memory in Hebrew

matzevot מצבות: tombstones in Hebrew

A Message from Yitzhak Eisenberg October 1st, 2003

Yes matzevot are matzevot and belong in a cemetery, surely. Yet with a non existing Jewish community and with no Jews at all alive in Losice...

These matzevot which have an "artistic" and a cultural heritage value as well can be exposed as a "monument" next to the cemetery or in a special area in it where they could be contemplated for their beauty and yiddishkeit and all that they symbolize.

Knowing that most Losicers are murdered in Treblinka most of them would not make a claim to find out if their matzevot (desecrated as they are anyway) are stuck unto a wall (which is also some kind of exhibition memorial) or exposed in the or next to the cemetery.

This is all I have in mind - the way to put these matzevot "en valeur" make their historical and jewish heritage qualities VISIBLE in the best and most honorable way. They are now alas more of "art history" or simply "Jewish history in Poland" than real matzevot in a living community where a cemetery functions normally as part of life.

There is no Jewish life there will never be jewish life again in Losice therefore the matzevot and not only on the grounds of the cemetery serve as a symbol, a trace, and a work of jewish art which no longer exists.

Thus to me the matzevot have an extra value now and must be treated not only as gravestones but as witnesses and works of Jewish craftsmanship.

What to do next is up to all of us........inside or outside this cemetery.

A Message from Adv. Meir G. Gover September 30th, 2003

A gravestone was not meant to be put in no artistic shows.

A gravestone's normal place is in a graveyard. That is where it belongs. Jewish tradition prohibits any such displacement. The solution is to return the Matzevot where they belong in the first place.

See for example how nicely they renovated the Wyszkow Jewish cemetery: A long entangled wall in the center of the cemetery, where all stones found, were put back where they belong.

Who are we to start a selection among those stones??

What if later on, a relative will come to you complaining that you selected his grandfather's stone for a display in a Warsaw museum instead of putting it back where it originally was?

All stones should return to the Losice Jewish Cemetery, where they once were erected. The Jewish cemetery in Losice should be fenced again, and the cemetery was should contain all found stones with no exceptions. The cemetery will be declared, as planned, a Polish heritage monument.

Kindly go to JewishGen.org and JRI Jewish Records Indexing - Poland see how the Wyszkow Jewish Cemetery was brought back to life (so to speak), in such a manner. Anyone looking for his relatives buried in the Losice cemetery , should not need to look for their stone elsewhere.

A Message from Warren Blatt October 7th, 2003

The photos are truly amazing. I have never seen such vibrant colors on Jewish tombstones. When I visited the site in July 1997, I turned over a few of the tombstones fragments which were face-down on the top layer of the wall, and did see some that were painted (for an example, see: http://www.jewishgen.org/wb/LosiceCem/LosiceCemCloseup3.jpg ); a few of my other 1997 photos of Losice tombstones are at: http://www.jewishgen.org/wb/LosiceCem ... but nothing as dramatic as what has now been uncovered.

The vast majority of these tombstones will NOT contain a SURNAME. As was customary, the tombstones contain only the deceased's given name(s) and patronymic (father's given name). The inclusion of a surname on a traditional Jewish tombstone was rare in Eastern Europe until the late 19th century; and even into the 20th century, many tombstones did not include the deceased's SURNAME.

Probably the best way to determine the surname of the individuals on these tombstone is to match them up with the civil death record. I have transcribed all of the existing Jewish civil records for Losice for 1814-1860, and these records are available via the JRI-Poland database (http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl ).

The records for 1861-1901 are at the Polish State Archives (PSA) branches in Lublin and Siedlce, and funds need to be raised (about $600) to create indexes to these records. The later records (1902-1938, with gaps) are at the Urzad Stanu Cywilnego (USC = Civil Vital Records) office in Losice, and are currently subject to privacy restrictions.

I would be glad to organize and lead a project to match up the tombstones with the civil death records, once the indexes of the civil death records are obtained.

A Message from Dr. David Lederman October 8th, 2003

It would be very important and exciting to have Warren Blatt as the organizer of a project to match up the Losicde cemetery tombstones with the civil death reecords, once the indexes of the civil death records are obtained. The photos I have received are really extraordinary and have not only a sentimental significance but also a great artisitic one. I am sure that all the Losicers will agree with me and will do all that is possible to help you in this project.


These are the last remnants of Jewish life, heritage and Jewish culture in Losice, Poland...

The Tombstones I מצבות

The Tombstones II מצבות

New Matzevot Deciphered III   מצבות (July 08)  

The Index

Restoration Status

Dedication 20 May 2008

 Losice Memorial Web Page

Photographs Of the Tombstones at "Bagnowka" Web Site

PJCRP: Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project

My Heart Breaks With Those Broken Stones... by Ada Holtzman

Ada Holtzman's Heritage Web Page

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