To my beloved father Meir son of Eliahu, who cried in Yiddish and smiled in Hebrew...


Remember Gombin (Gąbin), Poland - My Parents' Shtetl

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Gombin Remembrance Assembly 2014

Beit Gombin, 34 Hagolan St., Tel Aviv, Sivan 20, 5774, 18.06.2014 at 16:00 

אזכרה 2014

בית גומבין רח' הגולן 34 תל אביב, יום רביעי, כ' בסיון תשע"ד,   18.06.2014 ב-16:00


חברי קן השומר הצעיר בגומבין ביער יום לפני עליתו של אליעזר גליקזליגר (גולן) לארץ ישראל, גומבין, 4.8.1935 (מאוסף התמונות של מאיר הולצמן)

שוכבים מימין לשמאלמוטי גלברט, מאיר הולצמן; יושבים מימין לשמאל: ציביה (צביה) באומן, שושנה גלברט, יעקב פרידמן,  גוטה חומסקי לבית בז'ז'ינסקי, ולווק פרידלנד, רבצ'יה באומן, מעל לגוטה עומדת  בלצ'יה ציפריס לבית טיבר; עומדים מימין לשמאל: אהרון ז'ולנה, לא מזוהה, רחל ז'ורקובסקה, חנה'לה טייפלד, פסח סוכאצ'בסקי,  במרכז הגבוה מכולם פנחס גוסטינסקי, אליעזר (לייזר) גליקזליגר (גולן), נוצ'יק (נתן) ליפשיץ שסיים "תחכמוני" בוארשה, רבצ'יה גלברט (רבקה אלוני), משה אטינגר, חנה ז'ורקובסקה, אשתו של פסח סוכאצ'בסקי

Members of Hashomer Hatzair n Gombin, taken in the wood surrounding Gombin, one day before the immigration ("aliya") of Eliezer Glikzeliger to Eretz Israel on 4.8.1935 (from the photographs collection of Meir Holcman).

Lying on the ground from right to left: Moti Gelbert, Meir Holcman; sitting from right to left: Cywia (Cwia) Bauman, Szoszana Gelbert, Jakob Fridman, Guta Chomski née Brzerzinski, Welwek Fridland' Rywcia Bauman; above Guta standing Balcia Cipris née Tiber; Standing from right to left: Aharon Zolna; not identified, Rachel Żurkowska, Chanal'eh Tajfeld, Pesach Sochaczewski; In the center; the tallest one is: Pinchas Gostynski; to his left: Eliexer (Lajze) Glikzeliger (Golan), Nuczyk (Natan) Lypszyc (who graduated the "Tachkemoni" gymnasium un Warsaw), Rywcia Gelbert (Aloni), Mosze Etinger, Chana Sochaczewski née Żurkowska




חבר(ה) נכבד(ה),


הינך מוזמן(נת) בזה להשתתף באזכרה לקדושי עירנו שתתקיים בבית גומבין, רח' הגולן 34, תל אביב,

ביום רביעי, כ' בסיון תשע"ד, 18.06.2014, שעה 16:00


לדור ההמשך:


אנא בואו לכבד זיכרון אבות ואמהות, סבים וסבות, דודים ודודות, אחיינים ואחייניות שנרצחו ואין להם קבר או זכר.

 נשמח לראותך בין הבאים.




You are kindly invited to the annual  Remembrance Assembly to commemorate our Shtetl and remember the martyrs of Gombin. It  will take place in The Kossar- Karetzky senior Citizens Center      ( known as the "Gombin House"), on 34 Hagolan St., Shikun Dan, Tel Aviv, on Wednesday,  Sivan 20,  5774 - 18.06.2012 at 16:00.

We call the successor generations to participate in the assembly and honor the memory of fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces, who were murdered and have no tomb or memory.

Ada Holtzman

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... and after clean-up 2012

Gąbin - cemetery before clean-up 2011




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The Gombin Jewish Historical and Genealogical Society

cordially invites you to our

90th Anniversary Celebration!

Sunday, May 19, 2013, 11am - 2pm

Museum of Jewish Heritage 36 Battery Place New York, 10280 [646-457-4202]

The Invitation

History Of Gombin Societies in America: 90th Anniversary by Harold Boll,  May 19, 2013

President's Report 2005   

The Yizkor Book in JewishGen

A Map

My Appeal in the "JewishGen" 28 March 1998

What is "GOMBIN" for me Now?

The Old Photos of Julian H. Preisler
Screening "Back to Gombin" Film in Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Friday 22.8.2008 14:00 

Invitation to the Annual Remembrance Assembly in Beit Gomin  Tel Aviv 2009  | The Invitation 2010 |

| The Invitation 2011 | The Invitation 2012 | The Invitation 2013

Gombin's School with the teacher Kalmus Standing to the Left ~1924



The Ancient Grand Synagogue of Gombin    

Restoration of the Old Synagogue




The Memorial Projects in Poland

Dedication Ceremony of The Restored Gombin Jewish Cemetery: Polish Newspaper 17.8.99

Dedication Ceremony of The Restored Gombin Jewish Cemetery: Polish Newspaper 18.8.99

Dedication Ceremony of The Restored Gombin Jewish Cemetery: "Jewish Tribune" 1.9.99

Dedication Ceremonies in Poland: the Zamosc Album

The Project of Erecting a Tombstone in Konin's Mass Grave, Jan 2000

Sara Feigenbaum, the only Holocaust  survivor of the family Laks of Gombin with Ada Holtzman during the dedication ceremony of the restored cemetery of Gombin, 16 August 1999

We Are Still Here

By Ada Holtzman

After more than half a century we are still here,
Back to Gombin, with a smile and a tear,
Descendants, survivors from five countries flew,
To visit the hometown so old and so new.

Birth place of fathers and mothers,
Of uncles and aunts, cousins and others,
We all share the same past, same common history,
And remember the Shtetl and its lost faded glory.

United in grief, together we prayed,
And the Kaddish again loudly was said,
We swear it will never happen again,
And we shall not forget, Amen and Amen...



Gombiner, Abraham Abele Ben Hayyim Halevi (C1637-1683)

Jacob M.Rothbart

Rabbi Natan Nute Nutkevich - The Rabbi of Gombin: 1921-1933

Rajzel Zychlinsky z"l, the Great Yiddish Poet from Gombin (revised 2003)




The Artisans of Gombin

Zalman Ben Izhak - Gombin Researcher

Icchak Mendel Borensztein & Itta ne'e Ossowski: wedding in Gombin 1912

The Family CHAJA from Gombin

Meir Holtzman

In Memory of Umcza Kerber, the Dwarf of Gombin

Meir Holtzman's Album





We Remember the PARZENCZEWSKA Family

We Remember Dr. Josef Tadelis


 The Teachers


Raymond BOLL

Arthur M. Stupay: Family and Roots, the Poland Connection 



Gombin 1937, Scenes Filmed by Sam Rafel when He Visited Gombin in 1937




Ha'Shomer Ha'tzayir in Gombin





The Holocaust in Gombin

Source: Pinkas Hakehilot, Vol. IV, Warsaw and Its Region, Yad Vashem, Jerusaelm 1989, translated by Prof. Leon Zamosc

The Second World War

Gombin was occupied by the German army on September 7, 1939. On arrival, the Germans began to press Jews for forced labor, mainly to refill the defense trenches that had been dug in the area by the Polish army. Towards the end of September 1939 the Jews were ordered to concentrate in the New Market Square. There, they were abused by German policemen, and some were murdered on the spot. On the same day, German soldiers put the town's wooden synagogue on fire. The fire spread to the Beit Hamidrash and to neighboring houses. The Germans blamed the Jews for the fire, imposing on them a collective fine.


Forced Labour in Gombin, original photograph donated to Yad Vashem


The abuses increased from day to day. Early in October 1939, the Jews of Gombin were ordered to wear a yellow star on their clothes. All the males had to register and be available for three days of forced labor per week. Later that month, a Judenrat of six members was established, headed by Moshe Wand. At the beginning of 1940 the Gombin Jews were evicted from their homes and concentrated in a separate section of the town.


At first, the ghetto was open and the Jews could go out to purchase food from Polish peasants. At that time, there were 2100 Jews in the ghetto, 250 of whom had been deported from surrounding townships. Men and women were forced to provide a variety of services and work for the German authorities and the German companies that were being established in the area. During the first half of 1941 the Jews began to be rounded up and sent to labor camps in Konin, Eindziov, and Hohenzaltz. About 200 Jews were deported to the labor camps, many of them eventually ending up in Auschwitz.


In the spring of 1942 the Germans liquidated the Gombin ghetto, dispatching the remaining Jews to the extermination camp at Chelmno. The Jews who resisted the Germans and their collaborators were shot on the spot. Only 212 Jews from Gombin survived. Of these, 180 escaped at the time of the German invasion and managed to cross the border into the area of Poland that had been occupied by the Soviet Union. Of the other 32, many spent the war in hiding on the "Aryan side," while a few survived the concentration camps. After the war, the majority of those who remained alive went to Israel.


Gombin Ghetto ("Encyclopedia of the Ghettos during the Holocaust", Yad Vashem, Jerusalem 2009)

Names from the Abyss -  Gombin Ghetto and the Joint 19400 – The File in Acrobat ;

File in Excel

The Names of Gombiners Commemorated in Beit Gombin

"Pages of Testimony" in Yad Vashem of Jews from Gombin - Partial List

The "Pages of Testimony" in Yad Vashem's "Hall of Names" Database Retrieved on  December 10th 2004 

The Yizkor Book of Gombin   | List of Contents 

The Whole  Yizkor Book Of Gombin - On-Line in the NYPL Library Web Site

Rare Photograph of Gombin Jews during Ghetto Times

The Konin Concentration Camp (where Gombiner Men Were Transported 8.3.1942)

The Memorial Web Page of Abram Seideman

Roza and Lusia GIPS: Postcards from the Abyss

List of Auschwitz Prisoners from Gombin, USHMM database.

Rare Picture of Lilka Dziewczepolski Hy"d, Sitting in the Middle, among Friends at Gombin

Harold Boll: My Family’s Holocaust Story

Prof. Leon Zamosc: A Gombiner French Connection

Ichac Weizman: My Life Story 

A Photograph 1941


Jan Grabowski: Fleeing From Warthegau To Südostpreussen (the Stuczynska's Survival)


Burning the Gombin Shul



Gombin School – contributed by Mr. Zeew Chaj (Altman), Israel, who received it from Frenkel, Paris. Second row, second from the right: Tatarka from America. The fourth teacher from the left is Princ!


Gombin School – contributed by Mr. Zeew Chaj (Altman), Israel, who received it from Frenkel, Paris. The teacher Rembaum is in the center.



"Gombin" in Pinkas Hakehilot, Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities, Poland Vol IV Warsaw and Its Region, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem 1989, pp154-156.

Remnants from the Community of Gombin Following R' Yehuda Lajb Zlotnik (L.Z. – Avida) Article

AKT 454 (the most important document):  in Excel  |   In Acrobat

The Old Registry Book of Gombin

A Business Directory of Gabin, 1925.

List of Men and their Occupation: Gombin 1891-1893

Recruit List Gombin Men (1866-1899) AKTA 507

The Voter Duma List of Gombin, 1907

MATZEVOT - Remnants of the Jewish Cemetery of Gombin

AKT454 (the most important document)  - The Database in Excel or Word - Send Me a Request!

Immigrants to America from Gombin Years: 1892-1924

Various Documents 19th Century



"Back to Gombin" Web Site  

The distributor of the film is The National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University (see under Holocaust films)

National Center for Jewish Film
Brandeis University MS053
Waltham, MA 02454-9110
phone: 781 899 7044 or 781 736 8600
jewishfilm "at" (replace "at" by @ to avoid spam)


Screening "Back to Gombin" Film in Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Friday 22.8.2008 14:00 

Screening in Isreal




"The Holidays in Gombin" - From Meir Holtzman's Memories (Hebrew)

Meir Holtzman Memoirs in JewishGen



WJRO Records: The Community Property



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List of the Dead Prisoners in Konin | List of the Prisoners Alive in Konin 7.8.1943 | Ellis Island Database

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