Status of Losice Memorial Project -  June 2004 

June 8th, 2004


     Three years ago when we ( Warren Grynberg, Viktor Lewin, Yitzhak Eisenberg, and Dr. Norman Weinberg ) became aware of the condition of the Matzevot on the grounds of the late Dr. Wroblewski's residence we made a decision which in all respects was a very easy one to make. Fifteen hundred Matzevot, the majority of which are from Losice with the remainder belonging to the former Jewish cemeteries in Mordy and Sarnaki. These now are stored in a secure facility at the expense of the town of Losice.


     Now we have reached a crossroads. The cold, hard fact is that without a large infusion of funds we are faced with the difficult question whether we can continue with the project. To assist us we now have two foundations, one in Canada, and the other in the U.S. which will issue charitable donation receipts which in turn can be used as a tax deduction. To reiterate, for U.S. donors, checks should be mailed to:

The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies.

PJCRP Account, (Specify Losice Project only).

787 Delaware Avenue.

Buffalo, New York 14209


Credit card donations must be cleared by Peter Fleischmann, Director, at the following pfleischmann "at" (replace "at" by @ t0 aviod spam).


For Canadian donors cheques should be mailed to:

Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto

4600 Bathurst Street

Toronto, Ont. M2R 3V2  Attn. Angela D’Aversa.

Once again specify that the funds are to be used only for the Losice Memorial Project.

    In addition, payment can be made by VISA or MasterCard by calling Carol Kassel, Director of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto at 416-631-5674.


Email: jewishfoundation "at"

    Please understand that this does not exclude others, wherever they may live, from donating to the Losice Memorial Project. We encourage their participation.


    We have an extensive mailing list which includes survivors and their children, and supporters and donors. We need to pull together because the alternative, frankly, is not a very pretty one.


     In three years we have achieved a great deal in the name and the spirit of the shtetl Losice. We have a website, the Yizkor Book has been translated into English, the transcription of Jewish civil records, Jewish gravestones have been rescued and plans are in place to return them to their former resting place, the Jewish cemetery in Losice.


     Should we fail to carry this plan through to it's positive conclusion we risk losing these symbols of the Jewish heritage of our parents and grandparents, other relatives, and friends. As supportive as Mayor Kobylinski and town have been there will come a time when they too will have a difficult decision to make. What to do with these Jewish gravestones ? From Wyszkow and Ozarow east to the Soviet border Losice's Memorial Project, as a success, will serve as a model for the descendants of other towns such as, Sarnaki, Biala Podlaska, Janow Podlaska, Siemiatycze, Terespol, Konstantynow, and Miedzyrzec. So it is with this thought that I ask you once again to make a financial commitment to the success of the Losice Memorial Project.


     I am asked why am I so concerned with these stones, these symbols. These are the symbols which tie us to our past, just as making and watching films such as Schindler’s List and The Pianist, a past which we are committed to “ Never Forget “.


     Bless you, friends of Losice.


     Warmest regards, Viktor Lewin

et al.

* PJCRP – Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project    


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