Dr. Ze'ev Yunis:

"The Old Hometown"

Mlawa: "Das Shul-Gessel" - The Synagogue Lane

Dr. Izhak Ze'ev Yunis of blessed memory, wrote his reminiscences about his old town Mlawa in a most unique and breathtaking fashion. He used a panoramic view, to describe the Jewish town of Mlawa. He wrote it in 1949 in Hebrew.
It was published in the Yizkor Book of Mlawa, in the original language and with translations to Yiddish and English.

Dr. Yunis describes every street and every house, every road and every site, every corner and every bush of his old home town. He writes with immense love and longings to the Jewish inhabitants of Mlawa. He brushes the Shtetl colorful figures and images; he brings to life the smells of the market and the whispers of silent prayers coming from the direction of the grand synagogue...

He writes about the Jewish Community' institutions and movements, the people' tradition, their believes, their lives, their aspirations, and their dreams. It is the best Memorial to Jewish Mlawa and to all other lost
shtetls where once we walked...

It was contributed to my Web Page, by the Landsmanschaften of Mlawa in Israel, headed by Mr. Moshe Peles, July 1998.

The project of re-typing and posting this unique and rare piece of literature and history of Jewish Mlawa was accomplished by the joint efforts of Robert Tachna and Ada Holtzman, August 1998.


Jewish Center,
The Town of Our Fathers and of Our Childhood

 Dr. Zeew Yunis

The Old Hometown

Dedicated in memory of my father Abraham Yaacov the son of Reb Zvi Tuvia, may their memory be blessed.

 The Chapters:

 1) The City

2) Intimate Spots in Town

3) The Old Market

4) The Inhabitants of the Old Market

5) Back Streets

6) Mikveh Square

7) Potters Street

8) Superstitions, Remedies and Cures

9) Altars of Learning

10) Plock Street

11) The Border

12) A Train Passes Through Town

13) Yihus (Lineage)

14) Modern Times

15) New Ways

16) Mixed Streets

17) Warsaw Street


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ד"ר זאב יוניס: הבית הישן  (עברית, ספר יזכור "מלאבה היהודית", ת"א 1984) 

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