Poland's Jewish Heritage under Attack
By Zglinska Gosia
The synagogue in Inowlodz, now a supermarket...
The last traces of Poland's glorious Jewish past are being being systematically destroyed! Having survived the furies of the Nazi onslaught and then half a century of neglect under the communist regime, Poland's few remaining Jewish monuments are being razed to the ground. Astonishing as this may seem, the party responsible for this outrage is none other than the Union of Jewish Communities in Poland. For some time the Union has been busy selling off for profit the property it has acquired under the Restitution of Jewish Property Agreement. Once sold, such property is then demolished in order to make way for car parks and supermarkets . All this is happening with the express permission of the Union. In recent years the Union has been responsible for: 
* the demolition of the Jewish Hospital in Siedlce (sold for 600,000 zl!)
* the demolition of the wooden Butcher's Synagogue in Siedlce - this wooden synagogue (the last one in Poland!) did survive, only to be demolished for profit by the Union; 
* the demolition of the Reindorf Synagogue and the mikvah in Otwock. 
These are just a few examples of the rampant destruction now being caused by the activities of the Union of Jewish Communities in Poland. In order to combat this licensed vandalism, members of the Jewish Cemetery Foundation have recently set up the Gmina Wyznaniowa Starokonnych w RP (The Old Testament Jewish Community). This was officially registered with the Polish Ministry of the Interior on 2nd September 2003. If there is any way you can assist us in calling a halt to this destruction before it is too late, then please contact us (contact details below).
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Lodz -The Small Synagogue (from 19th century) sold for 224,000 zl
Sokolow Podlaski - The House of Prayer 
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Inowlodz  The synagogue 




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