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October 2005




News from the Ancient Synagogue of Zamosc


A Journey to Explore Our Roots in Poland with an Emphasize on Zamosc


Film Cassette "Does Knowing Comfort?"


Information about Property in Poland



Contributing to the Organization's Multi-faceted Activity.


Restoration of the Ancient Cemetery of Szczebrzeszyn


Anti-Semitism is Alive and Kicking- Don't Stay off Guard


An Appeal


Dear Friends, Natives of Zamość and its Environs, and Continuing Generations,


        News from the Ancient Synagogue of Zamosc


The synagogue is in a very bad condition. The roof is leaking, and there is an urgent need for repairs before winter. In fact, there is already a contract for the repair of the roof and the waterspouts (and the money for it as well), but the present director of the department of the preservation of antiquities puts obstacles and prevents from implementing the task. The previous director, Maria Fornel, fully cooperated with us.


We are searching for contacts, in Lublin and in Warszawa, who can put pressure on the director because if repairs will not be done in time, as long as weather permits, and the difficult Polish winter will arrive, the synagogue will be completely destroyed!


Despite its condition, 8000 visited the synagogue, including 2000 Jews, since it has been returned to our possession in May of 2004, and the places hosts a rich cultural activity. For example, during the month of September it hosted the Lublin Theatre (September 28th) and an event marking the new book by Dr. Adam Kopciowski about the annihilation of the Jews of Zamosc.


Other events were an evening on the occasion of the publishing of Robert Horbatczewski's book "By The Candle Light" about pre-war Tyszowce, and the Warszawa's Jewish Theatre presented a Cabaret show.


The synagogue also hosts organized tours of Polish school pupils. A special presentation about the

Jews of Zamosc has been prepared for them.



        Exploring Our Roots in Zamosc and Vicinity


Group members have returned to Israel from the journey-seminar to Zamosc and vicinity full of enthusiasm. As usual, the group and its members became unified and have returned as one big family. To my knowledge, they plan a meeting and some of them, those living outside Israel, plan to come to Israel for that meeting. 


Many of those interested did not wish to wait for the summer, and we tried to send a group in Sukkot but, unfortunately, we were unable to find vacant flights.


We wish to know who would like to join the Zamosc summer excursion!


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      "Does Knowing Comfort?"
Film Cassette
(54 minutes- Hebrew only)


Those who have not purchased the exciting film cassette "Does knowing comfort?" based on materials filmed during last year's journey to Poland in which the ancient Sepharadic synagogue of Zamosc was handed to the community and memorial plaques were placed. The cassette is for sale.


  Price is $58 including postage by airmail.


Please make your checks payable to the 'Zamosc Jewry Committee' and send to Eva Bar-Zeev, 10 Be'eri Street Tel-Aviv, 64682 ISRAEL.



        Information on Property in Poland


To all those inquiring- Only few have been able to receive compensation for lost property in Poland, and all this after a long exhausting bureaucratic process.


A new bill proposal that will probably soon be accepted by the Polish Parliament will enable receiving compensation of property owned by a relative (not just a first degree relation) even if it was nationalized. In this case, the heir will receive only 15% of the property's value nowadays.

However- situation is very bad in Poland, so it's important not to set your hopes too high. As long as the Polish Parliament hasn't accepted it, we recommend not spending any money, not even for counseling.


Members of our organization have an advantage over most heirs- addresses of the homes and businesses of their family members.



        Contribution to the organization's activities


The entire endeavor regarding the Old Synagogue was quite costly and emptied our coffers: organizational expenses, plaques, director and photographer, travel expenses, film production, etc., on top of earlier expenditures on the memorial and exhibition. As our only income comes from membership dues, we are appealing to your generosity.


Please – give as much as you can and share in this special commemoration.

Please fill out the attached Appeal.



        Restoration of the Szczebrzeszyn Ancient Cemetery


During the last year (since our journey to the Zamosc ancient synagogue event) I have been approaching every possible address to document and save the ancient cemetery in Szczebrzeszyn- the only surviving cemetery in the area.


I am glad to announce that this effort to interest people in restoring and documenting the tombstones at the cemetery has been fruitful and 25 youngsters of third generation have all volunteered for this project. They all traveled at their own expense. It turned out that the project is bigger and much harder than anticipated because of conditions in the location- thick vegetation, danger of falling, dangerous insects and little animals, not to mention the hostile local residents.


We don't give up! Want to know more? Contribute? Contact us.


Email: janet "at" - (replace "at" by @ to avois spam)




        Anti-Semitism is Alive and Kicking- Don't Stay Off Guard


Revolting, simply revolting is a short film done by a Dutch student and DJ Dickie Taisen in order to publicize a dance party, and this poses the question- what exactly do schools in Holland teach about the Holocaust? ( )

Anyone who finds that the fact that Jews have been brutally murdered is funny is our enemy, because tomorrow your murder will make him laugh no less. THAT IS WHY WE HAVE TO REACT! Send letters, fax, e-mails to the Dutch embassy and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Enter the site and crush it! Forward this e-mail to all your connections.





Eva Bar-Ze’ev


(from the Szper/Efros/Lewin/Edelsztajn families)


Eva Bar-Ze’ev

Message Tel. 972-3-5235015

Telefax  972-3-5235015


Sonja Hojnacki


Committee Members

Moshe Frank

Dr. Bracha Falk


Ziva Alon

Advisory Board

Miriam Domb

Yoram Golan

Aharon Zwiran

Bank Account

Zamość Committee

Bank Leumi

Emek Bracha Branch (624)

Account No. 011671/02


? Appeal ?


Please fill out the form in clear block letters, make out the cheque to the Zamosc Organizing Committee,  and send both by registered mail to:



10 Beeri Street, Tel-Aviv 64682, ISRAEL


Enclosed: cheque in the amount of: NIS ___________    Cheque number: ___________________  

Bank: __________________________

First name:__________________________  Surname: _________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________Zip code: ________________

Telephone number: _________________________  Mobile  number________________________


In memory of: __________________________________________________________________


Or you may deposit your donation directly into the Organization's

bank account:  011671/02, Bank Leumi,

   Branch 624 (Emek Bracha).

 §        We would still ask you to fill out the above form and notify us of the donation so that we may send you a receipt. 




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