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Vice-Chairman, Plotzker Association in Israel


Tel-Aviv, 1967


Personalities,  Public Activists

Selected Biographies

Translated from Hebrew by Ada Holtzman , in honor of Pawel Goldstein, the greatgrandson of Dr. Pawel Goldstein of blessed memory, email: goldie" at" 
(Hebrew), pages 389-445


GOLDE Abraham

Pages 408-409


Public activist, founder of the important and prominent family GOLDE who produced activists, fighters for freedom and revolutionists. Abraham GOLDE excelled in his generosity and willingness to assist those in need. In the Hebrew journalism of his time his deeds were often praised. He was loved by the people of the community regardless of their political or social views. He was an ardent Zionist and initiated the branch of "Hovevei Zion" (Lovers of Zion) in town. Thanks to his activity and personal sample, many Jews joined this organization. Another field of activity which he specially liked was extending aid to Jewish soldiers who served in the ranks of the Russian garrison which stayed in Płock.


GOLDE Aleksander

Page 409


Public activist. Son of Abraham GOLDE. He was among the first from the intellectual circles in Płock who joined the "Bund" and became one of its prominent figures. He perished in ghetto Warsaw.


GOLDE Benjamin ("Biszke")

 Page 409


Public activist, son of Abraham GOLDE. He was among the founders of orphanage for which his wife, Liba Rachel worked very much.  He also helped a lot the establishment of a soup kitchen to the poor and especially to the pupils of "Talmud Torah" with meager means. He dealt in pleading to he authorities for the interests of the Jewish Community.


GOLDE Julian

 Page 409


Pioneer ("Halutz"), public activist and author. His political activity in Płock started already during his youth. When he was a student in the Russian Gymnasium, he dedicated himself to spreading the Zionist idea. At the year of 1901 he founded in Płock association in the name of "Clear Language", of which aim was to promote the revival of the Hebrew language. He also participated in the activities of the Zionist movement which was forbidden at that epoch. In the years of the pogroms he stood as the head of the self defense organization of Płock Jews.


In the year of 1909 he immigrated to Eretz Israel and here he joined a group which erected Kibbutz. During 3 years he worked in Kineret but inner conflicts by the end of which the group was dismantled, affected him negatively. He left the country, desperate and broken spiritually and left to Russia. During the October revolution he joined the ranks of the revolutionist as an active communist. He then joined the editorial board of the Yiddish newspaper "EMES" ("he truth") in Warsaw. He started to handle the problems of settlements in Crimea.


In the year of 1926 he was elected to the direction of the "Gezerd" association, which aim was to settle Jews in villages. He published two books (in Yiddish): "About the problems of the Jewish Settlement in Soviet Russia (1925) and "Jewish farmers in Crimea" (1932).


In the years of Stalin Great Purge he was in Birobidjan and there he was imprisoned and killed in the same fashion as millions of others.




Page 409


She was the youngest daughter of the Płocker gvir (rich and influential person) Benjamin GOLDE. After she graduated the Gymnasium she moved to Warsaw and Swiss and studied medicine.


In her youth she belonged to secret socialist students' organization. She was active in P.P.S. (Polska Partia Socjalistyczna - the Polish Socialist Party), she was imprisoned a few times in the Warsaw fortress and then transferred to one of the very distant regions in Siberia.


She was very energetic and tempestuous, belonged to the Jewish supporters of the  P.P.S. and acted among the Jewish students of the Gymnasium in order to bring them closer to its ideals.


After her return from Siberia, she was forced to live for a while in Płock, under police supervision. She married a member of the party, the revolutionist Jan Stróżecki, who returned from Siberia as well. During the revolution of 1905 she was active in Warsaw, but after the year of 1906 she cut her ties with the Piłsudski group and joined the left movement and later the Communist party. By the end of the 1920' she moved to the Soviet Union, but soon after she escaped with her husband to France and there she died.



Page 409


Doctor of Medicine. A social worker. She was the wife of Aleksander GOLDE and dedicated a lot of efforts to help the children of the poor. She organized network of children clubs in the Jewish quarters of Warsaw and continued this activity even in the ghetto. After the war she continued her social work in Lodz. She died in Warsaw in the year of 1906.



Page 409


Doctor of Medicine. Was born in Płock in the year of 1884. He studied in Swiss and German universities until he graduated in the year of 1909. He participate din the war against the Bolsheviks with the rank of major as the main doctor of the field hospital. Later he worked for many years as the assistant of Dr. Solowejcik in the Jewish hospital on Czysta Street in Warsaw. He published about 20 paper works in the field of the new surgery[1]. He was active in the association of fight against tuberculosis, in the "Briut" (health) Association and in the Society for social medicine.


He was among the founders of the nurse school by the Jewish hospital in Warsaw. He dealt with medial instruction and taught many young doctors.


When the war broke out at 1939, he was appointed as the main surgeon in the military hospital in Chełm. Afterward he managed the Chirurgic department in the Jewish hospital in Luck and he remained so until the German invasion. He died in 1942 as a victim of Typhus epidemic for which extinction he dedicated all his forces.



Page 403


A public activist and a pleader. He was one of the most prominent personalities among the assimilators of Płock. During many years he represented the Jewish public in the city Consulate. He was among the founders of the first Cooperative Bank and during all the years of its existence he was the general manager. The famous Yiddish writer, Y.L. Perec, stayed at his place while visiting Płock. He perished in the Holocaust.



ALTBERG (née  GOLDE)  Paulina

 Page 403


Public activist, wife of Mosze Altberg. She founded the association "Tipat Halav" (organization which took care of babies & children) and was the head of the Jewish orphanage, which was under her patronage. She excelled in cherishing young Jewish children and among others she took care of Fiszel Zilberberg-Zber who later became a famous artist. She perished in the Holocaust.



MINC Dr. Szlomo (427)

 Page 427.


Dr. of medicine. A public activist and author of books. His origin is from Bieżuń

Where he was born on 1862. He studied in the Gymnasium of Płock and belonged to the Zionist circles. In the year of 1882 he graduated high-school and then studied medicine in Moscow. He married a woman from the GOLDE family in Płock and worked as a doctor of medicine in Warsaw. He published books on popular medical subjects such as "The Economy and Damaging It"  (about diseases of the digestion system), "The Cholera Epidemic" and others. He was very friendly with the famous author Y.L.Perec and Icchak Grinbaum. He often published articles in the "Hatzfira" and "Hayom" newspapers.


[1] In the Hebrew original text appears the word "Neochirurgia" (phonetically spelt).


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