We Remember the SOCHACZEWSKI Family from Gombin!

he SOCHACZEWSKI family from Gombin in a farewell photograph, which was sent to me by
Richard Lozins, a descendent of that family in America. Richard adds:
"According to my uncle, it was taken in 1927,  just before my grand mother Bajla Ruchla Sochaczewska left Gombin to marry her cousin (and my grandfather) Lipa Jesionowicz (his was changed to Leo Yashon) in the USA by way of Cuba. I know the names of many people in the photo but not sure who is who."

Richard Lozins add:

Abraham Eilahu was indeed my great grandfather. Although he was a rabbi, he had other work, and I don't think he regularly lead a congregation. I remember my grand mother telling me that he would contract with area farmers/peasants to buy their grain crops in advance of planting. If they had a good harvest he made money. If they had a poor harvest, he lost money.

I followed the link you sent and found Pesach's page, but no tombstone was there. He was definitely my grandmothers brother.

I got this from my uncle, who made printed copies of it. I will double check if he remembers who is who.  I think he had it written down somewhere. I think the woman behind my great grandfather is my grand mother Bajla Ruchla Sochaczewska. As far as I know, this is the only photo any one here has from Poland.

To the best of my knowledge, of the children of Abram and Mariam Sochaczewski only my grand mother left Poland and she was the only one to survive. From what I know, some of the Sochaczewski family lived in Lowicz and Piatek and some of them left. I have had recent contact with cousins I found in Australia who tell me several went there and also to South Africa and Brazil, as well as more in the US.


Many members of the Sochaczewski family were left behind and then perished later in the Holocaust. My father, Meir Holcman was very friendly with Pessach Sochaczewski and his wife Chana Sochaczewski née Żurkowska.  They were all very active  in the Zionist Socialist youth movement Hashomer Hatzair.  He is  the one standing at the upper part of the family photograph from the right.

My father in his memoirs ( see book: "Meir Holcman" published by the family in 1999 and partly - translated and posted in   in JewishGen: http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/gombin2/gombin2.html ) also devoted a paragraph on page 198 to his very good and close friend Pessach Sochaczewski.


פסח סוכצ'בסקי

מתוך ספר "מאיר הולצמן"' הוצאה פרטית, תל אביב 1999 עמ' 198

Pessach Sochaczewski


מוותיקי ומייסדי הקן השומרי בגומבין. שנים מילא תפקיד של מורשה הקרן קיימת לישראל וייצג את הקן במוסדות השונים. התפרנס מנגרות, מעבודות קטנות והתמחה במיוחד בארונות בבתי מסחר.


שנים התהלך עם חנה'לה ז'ורקובסקה והחליט בשלב מסוים לוותר על עלייה לארץ וכך הגיעו לחיים משותפים כזוג בפולין.


את הכסף הראשון בנגרות הרווחתי כשעבדתי אצלו תקופה מסוימת כשוליה לרכישת מקצוע פרודוקטיבי לבניית ארץ ישראל.


לחנה'לה היתה אחות, רחל ז'ורקובסקה, גם היא היתה חניכה בקן. כולם ניספו בשואה.


Translation by Ada Holtzman


Pessach Sochaczewski was among the founders and senior member of Hashomer Hatzair youth movement in Gombin. For many years he was the appointed officer of the Jewish National Fund in Gombin and he also represented Hashomer Hatzair in the various institutions.


He made his living from carpentry, specializing in small scale works and mainly cupboards at stores.


For many years he was engaged to Channal’eh Żurkowska and at certain point he gave up the dream to make Alyia (immigration to Eretz Israel) and decided to lead a common life as a couple in Poland.


My first wages as a worker was when I worked for him as an apprentice carpenter in order to have a “productive” profession to work and build Israel.


Chanal'eh had a sister Rachel Żurkowska. She was too a member of Hashomer Hatzair movement. They all perished in the Holocaust.

Sochaczewski Family in Various Sources

Akt 507: (the List of Men from Gombin - Recruit Lists to the Tzarist army  (born 1866-1899) Found in Plock State Archive)






Beit Gombin (Gombin House in Israel)

Abram Eliahu and his family SOCHACZEWAKI
Mosze Aharon and Chana Gitel SOCHACZEWAKI




Joint List (Gombin Ghetto and the Joint in Warsaw 1940)




List of Men 1891-33

single 1891 Rubin SOCHACZEWAKI
single 1893 Izaak SOCHACZEWAKI



Gombin Yizkor Book - Yiddish Part - Gombin and Its Rabbis my Michael Rozenblum:


From the various Hassidim, the Gerer Hassidim from Gora Kalwaria were the brightest scholars. After the Gerer Hassidim were the Alexanderer, Radzyminer, and others. Among the scholars and also the accredited teachers were: the town rabbi, R' Natan Neta z"l, R' Benjamin the teacher of religious subject, the great Gemarah scholar R' Jerachmiel Goldszmid, and his son R' Zalmen, R' Bunim Menasze Lubinski, R' Henich Rozenblum, R' Gedalia Noach, R' Lajbl Sztolcman, R' Herszl - the son-in-law of R' Yossel Chaiek>. Of the respected wealthy Hassidim distinguished in town as learners of Torah and important merchants were represented by R' Chaim Luksenberg, R' I. Sikorka, R' Yossel Luksenberg, R' Lajzer Wigdorowicz and his son Jakob Wigdorowicz, R' Yossel Chaiek, his brother R' Mosze Mendel Chaiek, R' Lejzer Mosze Tiber, R' Jecheskel Rozenblum, R' Yossef Menche and his son Mosze Menche, R' Mendel Temerson, and son Abba, R' Abraham Elia Sochaczewski, R' Haim Josef Ejli, R' Israel Shochet (ritual slaughterer), R' Lajbisz Chazan (cantor) and a Shochet, R' Josef Dawid Klapman shochet who left and became shochet in Switzerland, R' Mordchai Jarlicht, Jakob Grinboim, R' Mendil Szczewinski, and others.


Sochaczewski Family Members in Yad Vashem Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names

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Szmuel Eliahu Klopman, a cousin, 1957     Abraham Eliahu & Miriam



Szmuel Eliahu Klopman, a cousin, 1957 was married   Abraham Eliahu & Miriam Tauba SOCHACZEWSKI
Szmuel Eliahu Klopman, a cousin, 1957     Abraham Eliahu & Miriam Mosze SOCHACZEWSKI
Szmuel Eliahu Klopman, a cousin, 1957 was married   Abraham Eliahu & Miriam Reuwen SOCHACZEWSKI
Meir Holcman, 1955, an acquaintance and a friend borm 1907 Chana Żurkowska Abraham Eliah Pessakh SOCHACZEWSKI
Szmuel Eliahu Klopman, a  cousin, 1957     Abraham Eliahu & Miriam Jonatan SOCHACZEWSKI
Szmuel Eliahu Klopman, a cousin, 1957 born 1900
was married
  Abraham Eliahu & Miriam Jakob SOCHACZEWSKI


Members of Hashomer Hatzair n Gombin, taken in the wood surrounding Gombin, one day before the immigration ("aliya") of Eliezer Glikzeliger to Eretz Israel on 4.8.1935 (from the photographs collection of Meir Holcman).

Lying on the ground from right to left: Moti Gelbert, Meir Holcman
sitting from right to left: Cywia (Cwia) Bauman, Szoszana Gelbert, Jakob Fridman, Guta Chomski née Brzerzinski, Welwek Fridland, Rywcia Bauman;

above Guta standing Balcia Cipris née Tiber;

Standing from right to left: Aharon Zolna; not identified, Rachel Żurkowska, Chanal'eh Tajfeld, Pesach Sochaczewski;

In the center; the tallest one is: Pinchas Gostynski

to his left: Eliezer (Lajzer) Glikzeliger (Golan), Nuczyk (Natan) Lypszyc (who graduated the "Tachkemoni" gymnasium un Warsaw), Rywcia Gelbert (Aloni), Mosze Etinger, Chana Sochaczewski née Żurkowska


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