Glowno Businesses 1929

Written and Contributed by Cathy J. Flamholtz

In 1929, the Polish government produced the Ksiega Adresowa Polski, a directory of businesses in the country, focusing on trade, industry, handicraft and agriculture. It was akin to our present day Yellow Pages, though it lacked addresses and phone numbers. Indeed, only the surname and, usually, the first initial of the given name is mentioned. In comparing the listings to those on my family tree, I believe that the Ch. And Sz. which appear instead of the single initial correlate to Chaim and Szlama.

Jewishgen and JRI-Poland are now offering the actual images from the business directory at:

Glowno is located in the Brzeziny district of Lodz province. However, it can be cumbersome to move about the images and one needs to constantly refer to the translation of occupations.

For the ease of those researching Glowno, I 've transcribed the entries and placed them in alphabetical order.

Since Glowno was a small town, the businesses listed in the directory are fairly basic. Most of the types of businesses are self-explanatory, but a few are a little perplexing. While there are grocery stores, there are also businesses categorized as dealing in articles of food. I can only guess that this means they sold one or more types of foodstuffs rather than the full array that you'd find in a grocery store. A number of businesses are listed as dealing in corn. An earlier translation of the occupations I saw listed this as dealing in grains. Perhaps these people dealt in feed for livestock.

Clearly, this did not reveal the full extent of the business life in Glowno. There were undoubtedly many small cottage industries that were not listed and many folks earned their living as traders, buying wares that they could sell on Market Day in both Glowno and surrounding towns. With its close proximity to Lodz, many people opened businesses in this larger city.

You'll note that some of the businesses below are typed in red. This indicates a registered business. I have listed ALL the business in Glowno, not just those owned by Jews. This is so that you can appreciate just how much Jews contributed to the local economy. Jewish owned businesses are underlined. In determining which businesses were owned by Jews, I have relied on my own family records and the Jewish entries in the Glowno Book of Residents. I suspect there are several others who should be underlined so if you see an error, please let me know and I'll make the correction.

A special thanks to my relative, Dr. Leo Flamholc, of Malmo, Sweden, for providing me with a copy of the Glowno pages from the directory.

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Cathy J. Flamholtz
1881 Oak Village Lane
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Zydowski Bank Spoldz, Sp. z. o. o.

Bank Ludowy, Sp. z. o. o.


Rolnik (sold agricultural machines and iron products)

Okregowe e Stowarzyszenie Spozywcze


Banaszkiewicz, A. Wheelwright

Benet, Sz. Corn

Benke, W. Pub (beer restaurant)

Berysz, Sz. Brazier

Blichowski, A. Cabinet maker

Bocian, L. Butcher

Borek, I. Food (articles of)

Borowska, W. Food (articles of)

Bron, Sz. Leather

Brylski, A. Chemist (as in a pharmacist)

Buksztejn, A. Fabrics

Brajtsztajn, A. Food (articles of)

Brajtsztajn, A. Corn

Brajtsztajn, Ch. Grocery

Brajtsztajn, J. Grocery

Brajtsztajn, J. Food (articles of)

Brajtsztajn, J. Corn

Brajtsztajn, M. Corn

Cholewinski, J. Shoemaker

Cwajgenbaum, J. Bakery

Cwajgenbaum, Sz. Bakery

Cywinski, S. Butcher

Dancygier, J. Fancy goods

Dominiak, A. Shoemaker

Epstein, J. Locksmith

Epsztajn, H. Butcher

Epsztejn, J. Agricultural machines

Erlich, Ch. Iron products (cast iron, hardware)

Fajfer, M. Fabrics

Fass, F. Spirits

Fass, M. Food (articles of)

Flamholc Corn

Flamholc Corn

Flamholc, A. Food (articles of)

Flamholc, A. Grocery

Flamholc, R. Food (articles of)

Flamholc, Sz. Iron products (cast iron, hardware)

Fogel, W. Food (articles of)

Galecki, J. Bakery

Gasior, E. Food (articles of)

Godziszewski Cooper

Goldberg, B. Kitchen utensil manufacturer

Goldsztejn, B. Leather

Goldsztein, I. Tailor

Gollenberg, A. Corn

Grabowicz, M. Wood

Gurt, A. Iron products (cast iron, hardware)

Gurt, Ch. Grocery

Hendlisz, A. Fancy goods

Henoch, Jod. Corn

Hermolin, I. Corn

Jachimowicz, Ch. Fabrics

Jackubowicz, B. Heating materials

Janicki, A. Smith (as in blacksmith)

Janisz_wski, W. Butcher

Jarzaabkowski, L. Cabinet maker

Jezierski, K. Hotel

Joskowicz, I. Fabrics

Kac, M. Leather

Karolczyk, E. Bakery

Klecki, J. Food (articles of)

Knapczynski, R. Carpenter

Kopania, A. Saddler

Krohn, U. Kitchen utensil manufacturer

Kryszkiewicz, J. Wheelwright

Kucinski, J. Shoemaker

Kwaitkowski, F. Butcher

Lajchman, I. Tailor

Lajzerowicz, L. Grocery

Lewin, M. Dentist

Lewkowicz, B. Fabrics

Liberman, D. Food (articles of)

Liberman, I. Grocery

Lisowski, E. Pastry

Mann, A. Food (articles of)

Maczynski, J. Medical Assistant

Majewski, W. Shoemaker

Majorek, Laja Dentist

Marjanska, S. Midwife

Michalski, S. Mill

Mlodorzeniec, Wl. Food (articles of)

Mospinek, W. Tailor

Mrzyglod, St. Grocery

Niewiadowicz, M. Leather

Nittenberg, A. Beer

Nowakowski, W. Spirits

Nudel, M. Food (articles of)

Nudel, Sz. Bakery

Olejniczak, S. Butcher

Pernak, Stanisl. Doctor

Perzynski, J. Pub (beer restaurant)

Piaskowski, W. Butcher

Poznanski, J. Fabrics

Rapidska, M. Midwife

Rochwerger, L. Food (articles of)

Rotenbach, A. Corn

Rotenbach, C. Food (articles of)

Rotenbach, R. Corn

Rubacha, A. Tailor

Rzewuski, K Starch manufacturer

Sadowski, F. Potter

Sawicki, F. Butcher

Sieradzki, J. Fancy goods

Sieradzki, M. Fancy goods

Siwinski, F. Paper cornets (turners)

Siwinski, J. Paper cornets (turners)

Skorski, J. Fancy goods

Skrobuz, R. Food (articles of)

Sokolowski Drug dealers (medicines)

Stepniewski Locksmith

Stepniewski, W. Flour

Stepniewski, W. Mill

Sujka, J. Medical Assistant

Surma, J. Butcher

Szaja, R. Fabrics

Szlegier, J. Carpenter

Szmerling, J. Iron products (cast iron, hardware)

Szrager, M. Heating materials

Szumiraj, Ch. Corn

Szumiraj, H. Poultry

Szumiraj, J. Corn

Szumiraj, Joel Grocery

Szumiraj, Sz. Heating materials

Szumiraj, Sz. Beer

Szwarc, D. Poultry

Ulatowska, I. Midwife

Wajl, L. Grocery

Walczewski, F. Saddler

W, T. Saddler

Wasilewski, R. Saddler

Wasilewska, Z. Midwife

Wierzbowski Locksmith

Wisniewski Linens

Wojewodzki, Wacl. Doctor (gynecologist)

Wolf, S. Wood

Wozniak, J. Butcher

Wroclawski, J. Furrier

Wroclawski, P. Furrier

Wurtel, Ch. Grocery

Zaremba, T. Tea room

Zawadsk, F. Journeymen mason

Zawadsk, W. Journeymen mason

Zemler, J. Fancy goods

Zielinska, M. Spirits

Zielinksi, M. Shoemaker

Zielinska, W. Tea room

Zlotnik, D. Oil manufacturer

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