Marvin A. Brooks & Adv. Michael H. Traison


Implementation of The Wysokie Mazowieckie Cemetery Restoration


Restoration works at the cemetery of Wysokie Mazowieckie.

Executive Summary:


The restoration of the Wysokie Mazowieckie Cemetery which started in 2000 is to commence 29 May 2006 under the direction of Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland.  Utilizing donations collected to date this Phase of the restoration, which is to take 3 months, is to include up-righting as many as possible of the 107 matezvoh, building a suitable monument and fencing with a gate approximately 1/3 of the total perimeter of 600 meters.  Donations of approximately $15,000 US are presently being requested to complete the construction of the remaining fencing.

It has been well over a year since we last contacted you to ask for your financial support.  We do that now with no more promises of action, but a report that we will in fact initiate the restoration on 29 May 2006 with completion of the described work (see below) scheduled to occur three months from this date.


We need your help.  Please read on:



Chronological History of the Wysokie Mazowieckie Cemetery Restoration Project:


As recounted by Michael Traison:











Recent Progress had been accomplished on many fronts and is a summarized below:









Phase I Restoration:





Phase II Restoration



The Appeal:


Attn:     Neil Malmud

            Joint Distribution Committee

            711 Third Ave

            New York, NY 10017


Please note in your Letter: Donation for Restoration of Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland Cemetery Restoration.  Also please send me so I can verify receipt of donation.



Comments from Michael Traison:


“People ask why I initiated this project, usually assuming, incorrectly, that my immediate family is from Wysokie Mazowieckie. The answer today is the same one I explained to that group of 18 Wysokie Mazowiecki  high school kids I took out for pizza 6 years ago,  and which is stated on a

lapel pin I have worn everyday for 16 years.     Zachor!       Remember!

For we once walked these streets of Wysokie Mazowieckie, the aroma of our food cooking in the  kitchens in homes  along those streets wafting  its way thru the same town square awaiting the return of the pious who were gathered in the wooden synagogue which once stood there and is no more.


We remember them, and our fellow Jews in Zamborow and Tykocin and Lomza and Wengrow and tens of hundreds of more shtetlach, towns and cities of a Jewish Civilization that is no more.


The monument which will stand there will help us all remember these precious souls who perished at the hands of the German nation. It will stand close to the Catholic cemetery:     Our two peoples at eternal  rest near one another will be in its shadow and   it will stand as a sign for the future positive relationship between the Jewish and Polish nations.”


You now can believe that restoration of the Wysokie Mazowieckie Cemetery is a reality!!   It is time for those who have withheld their support or have given partial support to step up and contribute toward the completion of this important project.


It would be a wonderful honor to our ancestors if we could complete the entire project this summer.


Marvin & Michael


Marvin Brooks

Michael Traison

Wysokie Mazowieckie Cemetery Restoration


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29 May 2006


The re-erected tombstone of Szlomo Baruch in the Jewish cemetery of Wysokie Mazowiecki




The Cemetery before Restorarion

The Restored Cemetery

The Recovered Tombstones

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