Plockers Artists
The Jewish Artists who Once Graced the Town of Plock, Poland.

"My Dream" -  Miniature by Felix Tuszynski

 ...Poems are Talking Pictures and Pictures - Are Silent Poems...

Melech Rawicz, introduction to the memorial book:"Natan Korzen", Toronto Canada, 1948

Devi Tuszynski: Ballade Eternelle

The Artists:

Maxs Eliowicz - The Portrait Painter

Yaacov Guterman - The Illustrator

Shmuel Har-Shalom (Friedenberg) - The Artist of the Copper Art

Alfred Jesion - The Sculptor

  Nathan Korzen Perished in Wilna Ghetto - He will not be Forgotten...

Isreal Nishri (Orloff) - The Musician

  Benjamin Perelmuter - The Architect and Sculptor

  David Tuszynski: Master of Miniatures

  Felix Tuszynski: Crying in my Dreams

Fiszel Zylberberg (Zber) - The Painter (1909 - 1942)

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