We Remember Going Back to Gombin...

Tel Aviv 21.4.2003

Dear friends,

I am very pleased to inform you that the documentary "Back To Gombin" by a 2nd generation movie director: Minna Packer (Zielonka - Ber), will air in Israel on "YES" satellite television in a channel called "yes+", on eve of Yom Hashoah, 28.4.2003 at 20:17. Your humble friend, that is me, had the honor to be filmed in that documentary, among others. More about the film at: http://www.backtogombin.com/

More about Gombin (Gabin), a destroyed and lost shtetl in Poland - a mirror to all shtetls - at the followwing web sites:



Ada Holtzman
daughter of Meir "Gombin" z"l

Back to Gombin
Documentary Film by Minna Ber Zielonka Packer
Produced by Packerproductions 2001

The Web Site

Images Captured and Scanned by Liber Taub

Chana Guyer (Chaja):
"One girl from Gombin married a Goy"...

And he answered: "If I don't do it they will kill me"...

The Poet Rajzel Zychlinski: "Like we hear the water flow, there must exist a GOD somewhere...

"God hid his face not to see the massacre of the Jews"

"Here we hear the potatoes growing in the field"...

The voice of Noam Lupo: "This synagogue is still researched till today because of its genial structure"

"The synagogue was beautiful, very ancient, around 300 years old".

"The Holy Ark was amazing, constructed of complex of engravings"


"The Bimah was in the center where the Cantor was singing"

Ada Holtzman in Konin cemetery: "Motel Jakob Lajb from Gostynin... Szlang Mosze from Gombin"...


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