We Remember the Scroll of Kiriat Bialystok!

Kiriat Bialystok (Yehud, Israel) Foundation Scroll

The scroll is in the Commemoration Room at the "Hall of Bialystok" in Yehud. Contributed by the Bialystok Israeli Lansmanschaft ("Vaad")

Kiriat Bialystok (Yehud, Israel) Foundation Scroll

Placed with the Cornerstone, Sept. 28 1950

This scroll is a testimony that today, Thursday the 18th of the month of Tishrei, the second day of Hol Hamoed Succoth 5711, the 28th of September 1950, in the third year of the State of Israel, we former resident of Bialystok, living in Israel, together with delegates from former residents of Bialystok living in the United States of America, canada, Australia, Argentine, France and South Afria, have laid the corner stone for a city on national soil, in memory of the community of Bialystok, killed, together with the holy communities annhilated by the wicked Nazis, in the days of slaughter of the blood - ridden years of the Second World War.

Bialystok, our city, a large city with a large Jewish Community, a city of Torah and education, love of our fellow Jews, justice and charity, Jews founded it, built it and perfected it, and spread the reputation of its products and commerce to the far corners of earth and to distant isles; it was in the forefront of every ferment and idea of national and social liberation; it housed the cradle of Hibbath Zion; from this city it went forth and founded the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; Jewish culture in its numerous facets flourished in it; it played an important role in the settlement of our land; and hundreds of its sons and daughters led the way to Zion as pioneers.

When Jacob suffered difficult times and Israel was persecuted, her sons rose to a man as a stronghold around her, heroically defending their honor and their life, and and when finally the bitter and impetuous day of its annhilation arrived, her sons, arrayed in heroism and bearing the armor of uprising and vengeance, went out and waged war on the enemy.

By their heroic death they glorified the reputation of their community and their name of Israel and commanded us to live in their spririt, according to their heart.

This act which we are witnesing here today establishes a memorial for our large and splendid community, may the Lord revenge its blood, to rekindle its spirit among us and replant it on the and redeemed and liberated national soil.

Today we have laid the cornerstone for the first hundreds of houses of this settlement. The sons and daughters of our community who survived its destruction will live in it, and will enlarge and beautify it, and will contibue to waive the golden tread of the tradition of Jewish Bialystok.


May we be granted that the spirit of the Bialystok will rest on this settlement, the spirit of loyalty and dedication to the martyrs of the nation and its creatures, the spirit of work and creation, the joy of action and endeavour, and may we witness that the verse:

-           Moreover I shall appoint a place for my people Israel, and plant them, that they may dwell in peace, unmolested and move no more: neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more as beforetime...

            II Samuel 7/10

will come true.

May it please the Lord to protect the residents of this place and may their work be blessed, so that they in turn will be a blessing within the land, Amen!

Signed todat by:
Zalman Yerushalmi, Zvi Klementynowski, Mordechai Krugliak, Leib Fayans, Ralph Wyne Nowosielski, Rotenberg, Shapiro

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