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An Announcement
Message by Mark Halpern to JewishGen SIG and JRI-Poland SIG 27.7.2003

It gives me great pleasure to announce the creation of a website to honor and memorialize the Jews of Bialystok. The website can be found at http://www.zchor.org/bialystok/bialystok.htm.

This website was conceived by Ada Holtzman from Israel, Tomasz Wisniewski from Bialystok, and Tilford Bartman from US. I became a part of this project later. Although both Tomasz and Tilford have contributed much effort and material to the website, it is the dedication, commitment, energy, and skills of Ada Holtzman that has really made this possible. Just take a look at Ada's website http://www.zchor.org/ and you will understand her commitment to preserving the memory of the Jews of Europe.

The "Contents" of the website is summarized at the top in the following categories: History | Survivors | Heritage | Yizkor Book | Books | Personalities | Persons | Holocaust | Cemeteries | Genealogy | Region

Although Ada and the rest of the team are responsible for the management of the website, all Bialystokers and all those whose families came from the Bialystok area can also claim "ownership" of this website. Your contribution of materials for this website is needed. Articles, lists, books and reviews, testimonies, photos, genealogies, links, materials on nearby shtetlach, etc., are requested. Just make contact or send your material to any one of us. Our email addresses are shown at the bottom of the main Bialystok page. Just replace "at" with "@" in the email addresses.

Let me just point out a few parts of the website which are of particular value to Genealogists.

At http://www.zchor.org/bialystok/yizkor.htm is a partial list of Bialystok Holocaust Martyrs. The sources are identified with the main source being Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony.

At http://www.zchor.org/bialystok/telephone.htm is a searchable list of the 1938 Bialystok Telephone book, created and contributed by Tomasz Wisniewski.

Coming in the near future will be a "The Photographs of Bialystok- a Visual Memorial." Scroll down the main Bialystok page and you will find this area. When completed, this section will contain many old photos and postcard images from the collection of Tomasz Wisniewski.

Many of you already know of Tilford Bartman's Zabludow Memorial Website at http://www.zabludow.com/. Material from his website is linked to the Bialystok site and is now an integral part of the Bialystok Memorial website.

At the bottom of the main page, http://www.zchor.org/bialystok/bialystok.htm#region, is a list of towns in the Bialystok region. Here are links to other sites of interest to Bialystokers. Here you will find links to Tilford Bartman's Zabludow site, to Ada Holtzman's Wysokie Mazowiecki, Jedwabne and Suprasl sites, to Andrew Blumberg's Bielsk Podlaski site, and many others.

With the full support of JewishGen, an online Mailing List / Discussion Group for a Bialystok area Community Research Group will be started in the near future. Please monitor this forum for announcement of its startup.

It was August 16, 1943 when the Nazi oppressors started the final liquidation of the Bialystok Ghetto and the Bialystok Ghetto uprising commenced. On August 18, 2003 at 12:00 Noon, a State Remembrance Assembly will take place in the Bialystok Jewish cemetery to mark the 60th year of the total destruction of the Jewish community of Bialystok and the Ghetto Bialystok uprising. Many Jewish Bialystokers will attend. If you are in Poland, you will want to be there.

Please enjoy this website and contribute to its success.

On behalf of Ada Holtzman, Tomasz Wisniewski, and Tilford Bartman:
Shalom Bialystok!

Mark Halpern
Bialystoker, now in USA

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