Marital Status: Married + 3 children

Name: David Shachar

Date of Birth: 16.09 .1930

Place of Birth: Krasnosielc, Poland

Present Address: 116 Uziel St. Ramat Gan 52302

Telephone: 03-5732348

Fax: 03-5732348

E-mail: sh_david "at" zahav.net.il (replace "at" by @ to avoid spam)

1935-39 : Study in "Heder" and Polish elementary school

1939-45: Under German occupation and in far north of the Soviet Union

                                     (1943-45 Volunteer in the Polish People's Army)

1945-46 Training in kibbutz in Poland in preparation for immigration to Palestin                         

1946-48 Studied for radio-electronic technician, Paris

1948-49 Volunteered for Machal in Independence War (Negev Brigade of Palmach                   and Communication Corps

1950-1958 Various occupations in field of electronics (Ministry of Defence-                               Training and Maintenance

1958-67 Volunteer for development area Kiryat Shmona (in "City to Border" program (Established technical service center in Kiryat Shmona, taught and trained youth in technical professions. Organization of independent business, Managing Director of Kiryat Shmona Development Company

1967-82 Israeli Aircraft Corporation Ltd (Development, design, training, technical documentation).

1971-76 Representative of Israeli Aircraft Corp and Ministry of Defence in Europe

1977-82 European Marketing desk, Israeli Aircraft Corp.

1982-85 Managing Director of engineering company in Europe.

1985-88 Independent business activities in Israel and abroad ( technical translations, ecology, etc.)

1988-96 Volunteer activities devoted to investigation of first mass murder of Jews in Poland which took place on September 5, 1939. Established a Memorial at the scene of massacre in the town of Krasnoshilz near Warsaw.

1992-98 Establishment of memorial for 30,000 Jewish soldiers who fell in the services of Polish Armies in World War II Memorial located at the Military Cemetery, Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

1998- Present Writing biography and documentation of memorial activities which                       I carried out.


Active member of Rotary Movement from 1960. Active on behalf of Academics Association, Palmach Association, Polish Immigrants Association and for five other associations.


Electronic technician, Paris, France
BA from Bar Ilan University - Economics, Sociology and Jewish Studies
Tel Aviv University - Management and Business Administration toward MBA degree (not completed).

Courses and further studies in electronics, computers, management, languages and others.


Appointed member of the Yad Vashem Council.
Histadruth Year 2000 award presented at the Ramat Gan/Bnei Brak branch.
Medals for participation in Israel campaigns, Defense, Independence War, Sinai Campaign, 6-Day war, Yom Kippur War.
Two decorations awarded by the Polish Government.


Hebrew, English, Yiddish, Italian, French, Polish and Russian. (at various levels)

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