EYBESCHUETZ in "Otzar Harabanim, Rabbis' Encyclopedia , Rabbinate Era from 970 to 1970, by Rabbi Nathan Zvi Friedman, Bnai Brak 1975.

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As I promised a while ago, I finally checked "Otzar Harabanim", Rabbis' Encyclopedia , Rabbinate era from 970 to 1970, by Rabbi Nathan Zvi Friedman, Bnai Brak 1975.

I have not yet seen the results of the hard work done for years by Heshel Teitelbaum, and I have no halachic background - so in a way it is an advantage - I just report what I found. For Heshell

I am sure are known facts but for us might be knew - and really tell you what is a "YICHUS"...

* Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeschuetz (enc.: 7481) born 1690 - died 21 Elul, 5524 (September 18, 1764). He was the son of Rabbi Natan Neta Eybeschuetz (enc.: 16412) from the town of Eybeschuetz who died "in the middle of his life" on Heshvan 12, 5468, (November 7, 1707). He was RB"D in Eybeschuetz, meaning I believe a Rabbi and a Dayan (judge). His wife was the daughter of Rabbi Leib Tzuntz - Kharif (enc 3389a) who was a famous Rabbi in Vienna and Pinczow.

Other sons, born to Rabbi Natan Neta Eybeschuetz, (brothers of Yehonatan) who are mentioned in the Encyclopedia:

* Rabbi Arie Lejb Eybeschuetz (enc. 3215) His grandson was Rabbi Arie Lejb Tzuntz- Kharif from Plock (!) (enc. 3389), born 5528 (1768), died Iyar 3, 5593 (April 22, 1833).

* Rabbi Aharon Eybeschuetz (enc. 1448) His son: Rabbi Natan Neta Eybeschuetz (enc. 16414) who practiced in Przedborz. (year 5543 - 1783)

There was probably another brother, but for reasons I don't know he is not mentioned. But his son, another Rabbi Natan Neta Eybeschuetz is, (enc. 16415) as "son of the brother of Rabbi Yehonatan". He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Itzhak Landa (enc. 10788) and was the Rabbi of Ropczyce (5550 - 1790).

Back to Rabbi Yehonatan, believed to be your ancestor... (enc.: 7481)

* Yehonatan Eybeschuetz was born 5450 (1690). In 5470 (1710) he becane the head of a Yeshiva in Prague and in 5500 (1739) Rabbi in Mintz, 9 years later in AH"V?. He died Elul 21, 5524, (September 18, 1764). His wife was the daughter of Rabbi Moshe Itzhak Shapira (enc. 15507) - "Gaon Mufla"... Rabbi of Bumsla and in 5497 (1737). Died Tevet 17, 5507 (December 30, 1746). The wife gave birth to 2 Rabbis sons mentioned in the encyclopedia:

*Rabbi Mordechai Eybeschuetz (enc. 13726) he was the son-in-law of rabbi Abraham Teben (enc. 451) who was "Gadol la'Yehudim", and was the Rabbi of Preshburg(?). Rabbi Mordechai also practiced in Preshburg (5529 - 1768) and in Stempen (?). He died 55599 (1798).

*Rabbi Natan Neta Eybeschuetz (enc. 16413) - named after grandfather. I believe you are descandants of this rabbi. I cannot prove it yet, but I shall, somehow, in the future. According to the encyclopedia he was "rav gaon mefursam", among the wise men of Prague. He died Av 24, 5549 (August 16, 1789).

He left a son...

*Rabbi ISRAEL Eybeschuetz, (enc. 11827). Rabbi Israel, grandson of Rabbi Yehonatan was the Rabbi of Lichtenstein.

 He is your great great great great great grandfather! It will be proven one day and your family legend that you are direct descendant will become true.


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