We Remember the Tynski Family of Plock!

From the Yizkor Book of Plock, Tel Aviv 1967, biographies, pages 421-422.
Translation submitted by
Julianne and edited by Ada Holtzman

AVRAHAM TYNSKI - was involved in the society "Hachnasat Kala" which was involved in preparation of weddings and bridal arrangements.

ELIYAHU TYNSKI - was a lawyer. He graduated in the first graduation class of the Jewish high school in 1923. He was active in 'HASHOMER HAZAIR' (Zionist movement), studied law in Warsaw University and later was an investigator judge in the district court of Plock. In his years as an advocate in Plock, he served as the counsel for the defense in trials where Jews had false accusations against them. In the trial when the Committee of the Rypin community was accused of embezzlement, he achieved full acquittal. As a court lawyer, he defended some of the poor and gave advice to business associations. Many years he served as the legal counselor of the Jewish Merchants Organization in Plock. When war broke out, he escaped with his whole family to Warsaw but later was sent to the concentration camps.

GAD TYNSKI - was active in the 'MAKABI' (youth organization). For many years, he was a coach for physical education and soccer. He developed a lot of activities to the project: "Kfar Hamakabi". He went to live in Israel in 1935.

IZHAK TYNSKI - was a merchant and a public activist. He received traditional education in his family and later finished business school in Warsaw. In his youth he was active inn "Hazamir" and in 'MAKABI'. When he finished his military service, he returned to Plock and became involved with 'Young Zion' and was selected to be its leader. He organized trade courses. He owned a store and became a head of the Merchants Association. He was elected to its management and acted as its honorary treasurer. He was active in 'ORT' which erected some professional courses in Plock and was the head of the charity organization "Gmilut Hasadim". He experienced all the horrors of WWII and was liberated in Bergen-Belsen in 1945.After liberation he was among the Committee of the survivors and he was active in the British zone with Zionist activities. In 1949, he went to Israel; there he was active in the Plock Lansmanschaft for many years, working to preserve the memory of the Jewish community of Plock.

MOSHE TYNSKI - was involved in the society "Hachnasat Kala" which was involved in preparation of weddings and bridal arrangements.

SHLOMO TYNSKI - was active in 'MAKABI' when first established in 1915-1920. He finished high law school in Warsaw, was a teacher at a 'TARBUT' high school in different cities in Poland. He made huge efforts to educate the young in the national Jewish spirit. . He perished in the holocaust.


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