From Where Are Those Rare Old Matzevot???

Source: Tomasz Wisniewski

 Unique Jewish graves in Poland built from wood

 The Inscriptions Deciphered from the Old Photograph::

  1. The first row to the left:

Here lies buried
reb Menachem Mendel son of
Haim Ha'Kohen
died Sunday Shevat 9 5655
(3 Februar 1895)

2) First row, third tombstone to the left:

Here lies buried
an Honest and innocent man,
rabbi and teacher
Aharon Cwi son of reb Lewi Ha'Kohen
died Wednesday 2 Elul 5649
(August 29 1889

3) Third row in the middle (very high tombstone):

Here lies
Rev Zeew Wolf
son of Iciek Jakob[?]
[?] 5653 (1893)

1)I am not sure about the date! very difficult to read.


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