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Elections for the Russian parliament (Duma) were held (or supposed to be held) in 1906, 1907, and 1912. These are the years in which voter lists were published. There were several factors that qualified the Jew, who was considered a non-Russian, and other non-Russians to vote. These reasons related to economic status and similar class distinctions. Only men over age 25 were permitted to vote, so the lists only include men.

The list includes all men over 25 years old as recorded in 1907 in Gombin and who had the right to vote to the Czarist Duma.

They are extremely valuable in the absence of vital records. For areas where we have access to good vital records, they add only a little value. But for towns/regions where there are no existing vital records (or the vital records are inaccessible), they can be very valuable. For Grodno Gubernia, for instance, they're precious, because of the complete lack of other records for that region.

It was sent to me by the president of the Gombin Society, Mrs. Mindy Prosperi, who got the lists as a contribution, by Jeremy Freedman.

Galina Shuster volunteered to translate it from Russian for no payment. The Gombin Society is very grateful to Galina and congratulates her for the wonderful work of translation accomplished.

I have edited and transliterated the material.

It includes patronymics, which were transliterated by me as "father name".- LEWKOWICZ was transformed as father's name: Lewek. The original list includes also Poles, whose names were not included in the translation.

The list has an ordinal number assigned to each voter, who appears in the transliterated data but I sorted the database according to Surname.

The database does not include the field in the original list, which states the voter qualification reason ("owner, merchant, self-employed").

Anyone who is interested in the original list may ask it from Ada Holztman and I shall send it with more than pleasure...

Personal note: I found in this list the names of both my great great grandparents, which were a mystery to me before:









Needless to mark the excitement I felt when out of the dry entries, these names shone to me in bright special light... Now I have extended my paternal family roots from Gombin 5(!) generations backwards, very deep indeed in the soil of this small lost shtetl...

But that is not all...

More than 2 years ago I met through the Gombin Email Exchange Group a very nice man, Gideon Carmi who became in time a very close dear friend to me, sharing the same interest as I do in recording his family's history in the old homeland Poland. He was especially involved with me in disclosing his wife, Fela nee' BAUMAN roots from Gombin.
My aunt Golda Itta BAUMAN, nee' HOLCMAN (I am named after her), who perished in the Holocaust with her two lovely beautiful innocent girls: Hana and Ella BAUMAN was married to Hersz Lajb Bauman who died of disease and heart break during the Gombin ghetto. His father was Mordechai Bauman from Gombin. What is the link to Chaskel Bauman - Fela's grandfather?

Back than he sent the following email:
On Tue, 04 Mar 1997 07:39:15 +0200 Gideon Carmi wrote:

>Ada Shalom.
>Wish I knew more...
>Chaskel Bauman son of Elchunan, married Scebbe in 1896-7 and had his 1st
>daughter, Channa, in Gombin, in 1899 In 1901 they left for Germany. Their
>2nd daughter Hennie (Hennelore) had been born in 1903 in Berlin, and the
>rest of the children, another 5, had been born in Leipzig.
>I read with interest the info you supplied, but I do not know, and we have no body to
>ask. My father in law was only 14 when his father died, in 1925, so he was
>too young then to contact anybody and ask questions. He remembers vaguely
>something about an English Baumann/Bowman uncle, but he does not remember
>any other details about him. So anything could be. Zalman however told me
>there were 2 families Bauman in Gombin, and that they were not related.
>Wish I knew more...

We later exchanged tens of emails trying to solve the enigma. In the Voters Duma list Mordechai and Chaskel Bauman have the same father: Sender Bauman. It is possible they were brothers, and the name of Chaskel's father was Sender and not Elchunen! It is hard to think they were two Chaskel Bauman, living in the same small ttown at the same period, although anything is possible... But may be this list finally provides the clue and we are indeed related, as I always suspected!

* * *

On January 5th 2001 Gideon sent me the following comments:

Chaskel Bauman's father was Chune Wolek Bauman, no question about it. I visited the grave of Chaskel-Hermann Baunmann in Chemnitz, Germany where he lived and died, and the name is clearly carved in the stone. Furthermore, Chaskel Baumann left Gombin, with his family, in about 1900-1901, so he could not appear in the DUMA list of 1907. However 1 brother of him, at least, is there in the list - Jciek Bauman, And this is news for me. We knew Chaskel had some3-4 brothers and at least one sister, but we were not sure about their names, so these are the good news.

I guess, and it is a calculated guess, based on various accumulated records I have found, that Mojzes, Sender and Chune (Elchanan) Wolek were either brothers or cousins, and that is why the same names are repeating in all 3 families. But again, it is a guess. I have not found enough concrete evidence to be 100% sure.
Wish I knew more...


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