List of the Holocaust Martyrs of the Jewish Community of Wyszogrod,
Pol and 1939 -1945

For this our heart is faint; for these things our eyes are dim. (Lamentation V 17)

Necrology List from the Yizkor Book of Wyszogrod:
Wyszogrod; Sefer Zikaron: Vishogrod, Memorial Book, H. RabIn, Former Residents of Vishogrod Organisation, Jerusalem1971, 316 pages, Yiddish, Hebrew, English, pages 298 - 314.
Translated from Yiddish and posted by Ada Holtzman March 1999.

Message from the Wyszogrod Landsmanschaften:
We didn't always manage to get all the names of the people. We regret but it was impossible to submit the children names. But their memory is precious and sacred. We ask pardon if God forbid, we omitted some names or the names were not correctly spelled. This list was made from the memory and after so many years this could happen".


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Markus Chaja

Markus Henye

Markus Szaul

Markus Szimon

Markus Yehoshua

Maskal Morris

Meirsdorf Arie Mordechai

Meirsdorf Chana Itte

Meirsdorf Chawa - Rrachel

Meirsdorf Dawid Herszel

Meirsdorf Ester

Meirsdorf Tirza

Meyzel Malka and her child

Meyzel Moshe

Moskal Chaja


Naszelski Cipe

Naszelski Daniel

Naszelski David Meir

Naszelski Efraim

Naszelski Feige

Naszelski Frymet

Naszelski Icchak and his wife

Naszelski Joel

Naszelski Joel his wife and children

Naszelski Lipe

Naszelski Mendil and his wife

Naszelski Mindel

Naszelski Reuven his wife and 4 daughters

Naszelski Sara

Natan Cirel - Ryfka

Natan Hinde

Natan Jachet

Natan Libe Nache

Natan Pinchas

Natan Ryfka Lea and her husband Moshe

Natan Szmuel

Natan Zecharya

Nejman Alter

Nejman Efrat

Nejman Ester Hunde

Nejman Hana

Nejman Hana Peril

Nejman Nache

Nejman Pessie

Nejman Pinie

Nejman Szejndel

Nejman Taube


Paczecha Fejge

Paczecha Gitel

Paczecha Hanan

Paczecha Pesie and 2 daughters

Papier Ester

Papier Hana

Papier Natan

Papier Shlomo Yosil

Papier Taube

Pasternak Beinisz

Pasternak Cesza

Pasternak Fradel

Pasternak Jankel

Pasternak Lajzer

Pasternak Ryfka

Pasternak Yoel

Popowski Arie

Popowski Baruch Ezriel

Popowski Eliahu

Popowski Sara

Popowski Yosel Dawid

Popowski Zeev

Prager his wife and children

Prawda Blima

Prawda Fajwel

Prawda Herszel his wife and children

Prawda Szmuel

Prusak Azriel

Prusak Bajle

Prusak Bajle

Prusak Chaja

Prusak Chaja Malka

Prusak Dwora

Prusak Fajge

Prusak Frajde

Prusak Frajdel Rjsze and their children

Prusak Herszil his wife and a child

Prusak Itcze (Lajzszerak) his wife and their children

Prusak Jakob

Prusak Jehoszua

Prusak Libe

Prusak Masze

Prusak Moshe

Prusak Pesach

Prusak Pinchas

Prusak Rachel

Prusak Rajszje

Prusak Ryfka and her husband Shlomo Cohen

Prusak Sara her husband Lajbel Cohen and their child Aba

Prusak Szajne Ryfka and her children

Prusak Szalom

Prusak Szmuel

Prusak Szmuel Lajb

Prusak Tuwia Dawid

Prusak Yehudit

Prusak Yojnes

Prusak Yosef

Puterman Abraham his wife and children

Puterman Abram Baruch

Puterman Baruch Mordechai

Puterman Bejla and her children

Puterman Blime

Puterman Brajne

Puterman Czarne

Puterman Ester

Puterman Ester Frejda and her 3 children

Puterman Ester Jachet and a child

Puterman Frajde Itte

Puterman Haim

Puterman Haim Ber

Puterman Hana

Puterman Hendl

Puterman Hersz Lajb

Puterman Herszel

Puterman Herszel, Ratman and his wife, Julsons' daughter

Puterman Hinde

Puterman Hinde and a daughter

Puterman Icchak

Puterman Israel

Puterman Jachet

Puterman Jakob

Puterman Jakob (Mark) his wife and a son

Puterman Jehoszua

Puterman Kaufman

Puterman Lajbel

Puterman Lea and 3 children

Puterman Malka

Puterman Malka Itte

Puterman Moshe

Puterman Moshe

Puterman Natan

Puterman Perel

Puterman Polcze and two daughters

Puterman Sara

Puterman Sara Bejla

Puterman Simcha

Puterman Simcha his wife and children

Puterman Tuvia

Puterman Wolf

Puterman Yehudit

Puterman Zajnwel

Puterman Zalman

Puterman Zecharia

Rajchman Abraham Yosef and his wife


Rajchman Efraim

Rajchman Fajga and her children

Rajchman Fyszel

Rajchman Hersz Jakob

Rajchman Libe

Rajchman Raca and her children

Rajchman Szmuel Moshe

Rok Aba

Rok Berl

Rok Dwora

Rok Perl

Rok Liba

Rok Szajna Hynde

Rok Szalom

Rok Zecharia

Rotbard Binyamin

Rotbard Czerna

Rotbard Dawid

Rotbard Hynda Chaja and her daughters

Rotbard Lea

Rotbard Nachman

Rotbard Szymon

Rotszteyn Adas

Rotszteyn Icchak

Rotszteyn Nastie

Rozen Abraham

Rozen Herszel and his wife

Rozen Kejle and her children

Rozen Malie and her children

Rozen Meir

Rozen Szmuel

Rozenberg Alta

Rozenberg Dwora

Rozenberg Ester

Rozenberg Godel and his wife

Rozenberg Haim

Rozenberg Henich

Rozenberg Jankel

Rozenberg Mordechai and his wife

Rozenberg Moshe

Rozenberg Perl

Rozenberg Rachel Lea

Rozenberg Symcha and his wife

Rozenberg Szaul

Rozenblum Alte

Rozenblum Fajge

Rozenblum Rachel

Rozenblum Szlomo Joel

Rozenblum Taube

Rozenfeld Abraham

Rozenfeld Abraham Jakob

Rozenfeld Aharon

Rozenfeld Baruch

Rozenfeld Bejle

Rozenfeld Chaja and her children

Rozenfeld Cipa and her 3 children

Rozenfeld Cirel Channa

Rozenfeld Dawid Hirsz

Rozenfeld Fajge Lea her husband and 4 children

Rozenfeld Fajge Rachel and her 2 children

Rozenfeld Hene

Rozenfeld Hugra her husband and 3 daughters

Rozenfeld Israel

Rozenfeld Jakob

Rozenfeld Kajle

Rozenfeld Lea

Rozenfeld Miriam Basze

Rozenfeld Moshe Melech

Rozenfeld Moshe Mordechai

Rozenfeld Pessach

Rozenfeld Sara

Rozenfeld Sara her husband and a child

Rozenfeld Szaul

Rozenfeld Szmuel

Rozenfeld Taube

Rozenfeld Tuvia

Rura Becalel

Rura Binyamin

Rura Chaja

Rura Ester Ryfka

Rura Jerucham

Rura Micael

Rura Mordechai

Rura Natan Meir, Rabbi

Rura Nechama

Rura Reuwen

Rura Sara

Rura Symcha

Rura Szmuel Lajb

Rusak Abraham Icchak

Rusak Bina

Rusak Icchak

Rusak Motyl and her 2 daughters

Rusak Rachel

Rusak Ryfka

Rusak Szmuel Mordechai

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