List of the Holocaust Martyrs of the Jewish Community of Wyszogrod,
Pol and 1939 -1945

For this our heart is faint; for these things our eyes are dim. (Lamentation V 17)

Necrology List from the Yizkor Book of Wyszogrod:
Wyszogrod; Sefer Zikaron: Vishogrod, Memorial Book, H. RabIn, Former Residents of Vishogrod Organisation, Jerusalem1971, 316 pages, Yiddish, Hebrew, English, pages 298 - 314.
Translated from Yiddish and posted by Ada Holtzman March 1999.


Message from the Wyszogrod Landsmanschaften:
We didn't always manage to get all the names of the people. We regret but it was impossible to submit the children names. But their memory is precious and sacred. We ask pardon if God forbid, we omitted some names or the names were not correctly spelled. This list was made from the memory and after so many years this could happen."

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Agrodnik Bejla

Agrodnik Estera

Agrodnik Jscha

Agrodnik Kalman

Agrodnik Lajbel

Agrodnik Moshe and his wife

Agrodnik Moshe, his wife and 3 children

Agrodnik Szmuel Meir

Agrodnik Tczarne and her 3 children

Agrodnik Zalman and his 2 daughters

Ajzenberg Fajga

Ajzenberg Falja

Ajzenberg Hana

Ajzenberg Israel

Ajzenberg Jakob

Ajzenberg Pesach

Akawiecz Aron Ber his wife and 4 children

Akawiecz Jacob Dawid

Akawiecz Kejla and her 4 children

Albert Hersz Lajb

Albert Jcheskel

Albert Jeoszua and his wife

Albert Ljbe

Albert Rywka

Albert Shejndel

Albert Szlomo

Albert Szlomo and his wife

Albert Toybe

Albert Yehuda

Apelbaum Arie his wife and 2 children

Apelbaum Cirel Jtta

Apelbaum Hinda Chaja

Apelbaum Tuwia

Argib and Azriel and his wife

Argib and Manja

Asz Chawa Pesje and her children

Asz jacob dawid his wife and children

Asz Yosel


Baran Ester Fajga and her children

Baran Jerachmjel

Baum Abram

Baum Brejna

Baum Carke

Baum Chaim

Baum Chaja

Baum Elazar

Baum Etie

Baum Etke

Baum Fajge and Her Daughter

Baum Gitel

Baum Hana

Baum Henich

Baum Henje and Her Children

Baum Hodys

Baum Izak Jacob

Baum Jankel

Baum Jantcze

Baum Jehudit and her daughter

Baum Jenkel with his wife and children

Baum Joel

Baum Josil

Baum Malka

Baum Mendel

Baum Mendil and his Wife

Baum Miril

Baum Moshe

Baum Moshe Icchak and his Children

Baum Moshe Lipa

Baum Natan his Wife and Children

Baum Racze

Baum Racze and Her Children

Baum Rehawia (Szemesz)

Baum Rehawia and his Wife

Baum Rojze

Baum Simcha

Baum Sinai Mordechai

Baum Solje

Baum Szalom

Baum Szimek

Baum Szmuel

Baum Toybe and Her Children

Baum Tuwia

Baum Waftcze

Baum Yehuda Lajb and his Wife and Children

Baumgold Gawriel

Baumgold Libe

Benzoim Aszer

Benzoim Blime and her children

Benzoim Butsze

Benzoim Ester and her husband

Benzoim Ester Rachel abd her child

Benzoim Hana Rasza

Benzoim Herszel, Ryfka Eidel and their 3 children

Benzoim Jokil, his wife with a child

Benzoim Miriam

Benzoim Moshe

Benzoim Wolf and his wife

Benzoim Yosef and his wife

Benzoim Yosil

Berliner Abramele his wife and children

Berliner Jtsze Ber

Berliner Rewen, his wife and 2 children

Bilgoraj Abram

Bilgoraj Abram Jecheskel

Bilgoraj Abramele

Bilgoraj Bracha and her daughter

Bilgoraj Chaim

Bilgoraj Chana

Bilgoraj Chunes and his wife and children

Bilgoraj Dwora and her 4 children

Bilgoraj Efrat

Bilgoraj Jacob

Bilgoraj Jankele

Bilgoraj Jehudit

Bilgoraj Malka her husband and children

Bilgoraj Miriam and her 2 daughters

Bilgoraj Moishe'le

Bilgoraj Nache

Bilgoraj Rachel Lea and her 5 children

Bilgoraj Ryfka

Bilgoraj Sara

Bilgoraj Sara Brejna

Bilgoraj Sime

Bilgoraj Szalom and his wife and 3 children

Bilgoraj Szalom and his wife and 4 children

Bilgoraj Szlomo Zalman

Bilgoraj Szmuel and his wife and 5 children

Bilgoraj Tuwia

Bilgoraj Tuwia and his wife and 2 children

Bilgoraj Zecharia

Bilgoraj Zysel

Birenholc Fajge and her 3 children

Birenholc Welwel

Birenholc, Rabbi, Jsaschar

Bohl Icchak and his wife

Bohl Machil

Bohl Masze

Bomberg Meir his wife and children

Bratman Frajdel

Bratman Gerszon his wife and two children

Brawerman Basze, her husband and children

Brawerman Ester Fajge and her children

Brawerman Hana

Brawerman Herszel

Brawerman Machil

Brawerman Majer, his wife and 5 children

Brawerman Rafel

Brawerman Sara and her two children

Brawerman Simcha

Bressler Mordechai Menasze and his wife

Briz and Gdalya Moshe

Briz and Tuwia his wife and child

Brodman Blime

Brodman Fajga Tircza

Brodman Moshe

Brodman Rachel and her husband Abram Naches and their three children

Brodman Yosef

Brzezawski Moshe

Brzezawski Sara

Brzezawski Toybe

Brzezawski Yosil

Buchner Brajna

Buchner Cyril

Buchner Hana Rajzel and her threee daughters

Buchner Hirsz

Buchner Izik (Itzhak)

Buchner Lajb and his daughter

Buchner Meir

Buchner Mordechai and his wife

Buchner Sala and her two children

Buchner Szymon

Buki Abram Szaja (Flam) and his wife and children

Buki Icchak Dawid

Buki Moshe

Buki Rywka and her children

Buki Sara

Buki Szmulek

Buki Toybe and her 3 children

Buzszniczki Hana Szifra

Buzszniczki Kejla Ryfka

Buzszniczki Moshe and his wife and children

Buzszniczki Szlomo Lajb and his daughter

Bzezawski Beyla Raca and her daughter

Bzezawski Simcha, his wife and two children

Bzezawski Yosel and his wife and two children

Bzezawski Zecharya

Bzezina Chaim

Bzezina Eli (Eliahu)

Bzezina Hewtcze

Bzezinski Blume

Bzezinski Hersz Tuwia

Bzezinski Jachet

Bzezinski Rachel

Bzezinski Rojze Hogre

Bzezinski Yosel


Capnik a brother and a sister

Chenczinski Cwia and 3 children

Chenczinski Moshe

Chmiel Abraham Jehoszua wife and 2 children

Chmiel Chaja Yehudit, husband and child

Chmiel Itcze Hersz his wife and children

Chmiel Itczele

Chmiel Majncze

Chmiel Moshe

Chmiel Rojze

Chmiel Szaja Eyzik

Cwejghaft Golda

Cwejghaft Gutman

Cwejghaft Hana

Cwejghaft Meir

Cwejghaft Moshe Dawid

Cwejghaft Szmuel Lajb


Daicz Abram Chaim

Daicz Abram Icchak

Daicz Aron Eliezer

Daicz Baruch

Daicz Bluma

Daicz Bracha

Daicz Brajne Machle

Daicz Cirel Channa

Daicz Cirel Ryfka

Daicz Ester

Daicz Fajwel

Daicz Gerszon

Daicz Golda

Daicz Hirsz Tuwia snd his wife

Daicz Hynda Chajca

Daicz Icchak

Daicz Icchak Jakob

Daicz Israel

Daicz Israel Gdalya

Daicz Jakob

Daicz Lajb Jakob

Daicz Lea

Daicz Machil, Rabbi

Daicz Mindel Lea

Daicz Nachman and his wife

Daicz Natan

Daicz Rachel

Daicz Ryfka and her child

Daicz Sara

Daicz Sara daughter of Szmuel Grosman

Daicz Sinai

Daicz Szajna Miriam and her 2 children

Daicz Szajne Fajga

Daicz Szajne Sara

Daicz Szmuel

Daicz Sznajdel

Daicz Yachet

Daicz Yehudit

Daicz Yosef

Daicz Yudel his wife and 2 children

Dancyger Elka and her daughter

Dancyger Isreal his wife and 2 children

Dancyger Szymon his wife and 2 children

Diam and Chaja and her 2 children

Diamand Cipa and her 2 children

Diamand Icchak and his wife and children

Diamand Jakob Ber and his wife

Diamand Mirel her husband and children

Diamand Moshe Lajb

Diamand Nachman his wife and daughter

Diam and Yosef (Yosecek)

Diamand Yosel son of Hersz Baruch, his wife Canna and their children

Diner Blumtcze and her 2 children

Diner Chaim

Diner Jankel one son and 2 daughters

Dreksler Chaim Mordechai his wife and 3 children

Dreksler Dawid his wife and 2 children

Dreksler Herszel

Dreksler Mendel Meir his wife and 2 children

Dreksler Moshe Jecheskel his wife and 2 children

Dreksler Szlomo and 2 daughters

Dreksler Welwek and his wife

Drobner Meir

Drobner Sara, a daughter and her husband with 2 children

Dzrzedzszic Golda

Dzrzedzszic Hersz Lajb

Dzrzedzszic RafelMordechai

Dzrzedzszic Sara

Dzrzedzszic Simcha

Dzrzedzszic Szlomo


Elbojm Chaja

Elbojm Dwojra

Elbojm Hana

Elbojm Mordechai

Elbojm Moshe

Elbojm Rachel

Elbojm Sara

Elsner Abraham Icchak

Elsner Chaja

Elsner Dwojra Jascha

Elsner Juda

Elsner Mindel

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