List of THE Holocaust martyrs of the Jewish Community of Wyszogrod,
Pol and 1939 -1945

For this our heart is faint; for these things our eyes are dim. (Lamentation V 17)

Necrology List from the Yizkor Book of Wyszogrod:
Wyszogrod; Sefer Zikaron: Vishogrod, Memorial Book, H. RabIn, Former Residents of Vishogrod Organisation, Jerusalem1971, 316 pages, Yiddish, Hebrew, English, pages 298 - 314.
Translated from Yiddish and posted by Ada Holtzman March 1999.


We didnít always manage to get all the names of the people. We regret but it was impossible to submit the children names. But their memory is precious and sacred. We ask pardon if God forbid, we omitted some names or the names were not correctly spelled. This list was made from the memory and after so many years this could happen.




Saliman Josel and his wife

Saliman Sara

Sapier Ciwia

Sapier Jehudit

Sapiersztejn Ester

Sapiersztejn Moshe and his wife

Sapiersztejn Szmuel Ė Juda

Saraniak Fawisz

Saraniak Hana Szifra

Saraniak Mordechai

Sczwarc Berl

Sczwarc Frajde

Sczwarc Golda

Sczwarc Heszka

Sczwarc Jachle

Sczwarc Jakob Arie

Sczwarc Jecheskel

Sczwarc Myndel

Sczwarcberg Channa Liba and her husband Moshe Lodemacher and their children

Sendrowicz Laibl

Sendrowicz Flum Chava

Sendrowicz Shmuel Nusn

Sendrowicz Berl

Sokolow Jehoszua

Sokolow Rachel and her 2 children

Spiwak Dwora and her husband

Spiwak Lajbel

Spiwak Mordechai his wife and children

Spiwak Rabbi Naftali, the illustrious Rabbi, blessed be the memory of the Zadik

Spiwak Sara and her husband

Stein Bejle and her children

Stein Jankel

Stein Lea

Stern Azriel his wife and chilrden

Stern Channa sara and her son

Stern Cypora

Stern Judel

Stern Mathys

Stern Pinchas

Stern Sara and her 2 daughters

Stern Sara Jente


Szajer Chaja

Szajer Jente

Szajer Natan

Szajer Sara Ryfka

Szajer Szmuel Zajnwel

Szajer Szyfra

Szajer Tircia

Szajnblum Bejla

Szajnblum Hersz Tuwia

Szajnblum Jankel

Szajnblum Lea tesza

Szajnblum Mathys (Matatyahu)

Szajnblum Nache

Szajnblum Pinchas

Szajnblum Szajndel and her 2 children

Szajnbojm Judel

Szajnbojm Rachel

Szajnman (Meshulam) Szylem his wife and children

Szajnman Alter his wife and children

Szajnman Jecheskel his wife and children

Szajnman Moshe his wife and children

Szczepa Gala and her children

Szczepa Lajbel

Szczepa Masza

Szczepa Moshe

Szczepa Moshe Dudel

Szczepa Ozer

Szczepa Rachel

Szczepa Sara Jente

Szenkman Abraham his wife and children

Szenkman Moshe his wife and children

Szimjenski Abraham

Szimjenski Chawa Rachel and her children

Szimjenski Czesa

Szimjenski Haim

Szimjenski Jascha

Szimjenski Jonas

Szimjenski Wolf

Szja Fradeles his wife and children

Szladow Dawid

Szladow Golda and her 4 children

Szladow Israel his wife and children

Szladow Jechiel Meir

Szladow Jente and her children

Szladow Malka

Szladow Mendel

Szladow Nachele and her daughter

Szladow Sara Jenta

Szladow Symcha

Szladow Symcha and his wife

Szladow Szmuel

Szladow Szymon and his wife and children

Szladow Wolf his wife and children

Szlosberg Abraham

Szlosberg Moshe Mendel

Szlosberg Naftali

Szlosberg Pessie

Szlosberg Rachel Lea

Szlosberg Szprynce

Szmidt Chaja

Szmidt Liba

Szmidt Yosel

Szneider Dwora

Szneider Herszel his wife and children

Szneider Yosef his wife and children

Szpianek Chaja

Szpianek Channa her man Szmuel Zylberberg

Szpianek Ester

Szpianek Hendel

Szpianek Moshe

Szpianek rachel

Szpianek Sara and her husband Mendel

Szpianek Szmuel

Szpianek Yosef

Szpichler Etie

Szpichler Yosef Dawid

Szpigel Bajrech

Szpigel Frajda and her 2 children

Szpigel Jonas

Szpigel Tekil

Szumacher Rachel and her chilrden

Szumacher Szlomo

Szwarczbard Fradel

Szwarczbard Haim

Szwarczbard Icchak

Szwarczbard Lajbel

Szwarczbard Moshe Hersz

Szwarczbard Sara Miriam

Szwarczhar Elka and her 3 daughters

Szwarczhar Lajbel

Szwarczhar Malka

Szwarczhar Moshe his wife and children

Szwojczkowski Channa sara

Szwojczkowski Machl

Szwojczkowski Szlomo Joel and his wife

Szwojczkowski Yosel

Szwojrcz Dawid and his wife

Szwojrcz Henich his wife and children


Taub Abraham Meyer and his wife

Taub Brajna and children

Taub Channa, her husband and children

Taub Dinaleh and her little children

Taub Hersz Mendel and wife

Taub Icchak Leib

Taub Josef

Taub Mordechai and his wife

Taub Nache, her son and daughter

Taub Pessie

Taub Rachel

Taub Szmuel Machel

Taub Yochewet

Taubenfeld Ester Dina and children

Taubenfeld Moshe Melech

Taubenfeld Orian Fawisz

Tik Haim

Toter Jente

Toter Lajbel

Tryb Fajga

Tryb Gerszon

Tryb Hana

Tryb Hendl

Tryb Mordechai

Tryb Wolf


Wage Abram

Wage Joel

Wage Sara Jente and her children

Wage Szajndel and her 4 children

Wage Szmuel Dawid

Walfisz Aron and his wife Chawa

Walfisz Chaja

Walfisz Henia

Walfisz Hersz Chaim

Walfisz Moshe

Weicman Abram Kalman (Zak) and his wife and children

Weicman Berisz

Weicman Binyamin

Weicman Cirel Lea

Weicman Jona

Weicman Mendel

Weicman Rojze and her children

Weicman Ryfka

Weicman Szmuel Hersz and his wife and child

Wein Abram

Wein Chawa and her children

Weizenberg Baruch Dawid

Weizenberg Chaim Yosef

Weizenberg Fajge

Weizenberg Fajge Rachel

Weizenberg Lajbel

Wejngart Bejla

Wejngart Dwora

Wejngart Israel

Wejngart Lea

Wejngart Moshe

Wejngart Sala

Wejntraub Cipora and 2 children

Wejntraub Dawid

Wierzawinski Baruch Mordechai

Wierzawinski Bracha her husband Yosef and 2 children

Wierzawinski Chaim Moshe

Wierzawinski Chaja Frajda

Wierzawinski Chana Itta

Wierzawinski Eliezer Lipa and wife

Wierzawinski Ester Dwora and her husband Rafel

Wierzawinski Golda and children

Wierzawinski Haszke

Wierzawinski Jachet

Wierzawinski Motel

Wierzawinski Szmuel Yacob

Wierzawinski Yerchniel

Wierzawinski Yosef Dawid

Winter Jecheskel and wife

Winter Sara

Wjarnick Abram Chaim

Wjarnick Menachem

Wjarnick Pessa

Wjdawsky Abram Moshe, Dr.

Wjdawsky Sala and her little children

Wojcenwasz Dawid

Wojcenwasz Icchak

Wojcenwasz Itta

Wojcenwasz Jehoszua

Wojcenwasz Masza

Wojcenwasz Mendel his wife and children

Wojcenwasz Rewuen

Wolman Abram

Wolman Aron

Wolman Baruch (biomantcik) and his wife

Wolman Bejle

Wolman Berl and wife

Wolman Chil Meyer (Naftil) and his wife and 3 children

Wolman Dawid

Wolman Eidel

Wolman Jakob

Wolman Jankel and his wife and child

Wolman Mindel and her 3 children

Wolman Moshe

Wolman Szajndel and 2 daughters

Wolman Szmuel Lajzer and wife

Wolman Tyfka

Wolman Yehoszua

Wolman Yudit and her daughter


Zand Dwora

Zand Israel

Z and Jakob Dawid and wife

Z and Michael

Z and Natan

Zajanc Abram Machel

Zajanc Alter

Zajanc Aszer

Zajanc Blimka

Zajanc Dwora Beila

Zajanc Ester Lea

Zajanc Fajga

Zajanc Frajda and a child

Zajanc Gittel

Zajanc Hersz Noach

Zajanc Hinda

Zajanc Israel Mordechai and a son

Zajanc Jakob Lejb

Zajanc Jecheskel

Zajanc Lea

Zajanc Motel

Zajanc Oren Lajb

Zajanc Rachel

Zajanc Rafel

Zajanc Sara

Zajanc Szimon

Zajanc Yoske and 3 daughters

Zajde Chawa and her children

Zajde Meir his wife and children

Zajde Szmuel Jankel

Zajdel Malka and her 2 children

Zajdel Moshe

Zajfman Aron his wife and 2 children


Zalcberg Icchak his wife and children

Zalcberg Jakob Dawid and wife

Zalcberg Keile her husband and children

Zalcberg Sara

Zalcberg Zalman

Zambkowski Frajda and 5 children

Zambkowski Szmuel

Zawirucha Abram

Zawirucha Gdalia and his wife

Zawirucha Malka

Zawirucha Yochewet

Zemel Brajna Ryfka

Zemel Ester and a son

Zemel Ester Sara and 2 children

Zemel Jechiel

Zemel Joel

Zemel Lajbel his wife and children

Zemel Moshe his wife and children

Zemel Szlomo

Zilbersztejn Bracha her husband and children

Zilbersztejn Chaiim

Zilbersztejn Chaja

Zilbersztejn Efraiim

Zilbersztejn Frajda daughter of Sinai Meir

Zilbersztejn Itta

Zilbersztejn Lajzer

Zilbersztejn Moshe

Zilbersztejn Rachel

Zilbersztejn Ryfka

Zilbersztejn Sara

Zilbersztejn Szlomo

Zilbersztejn Szmuel Menasze

Zilbersztejn Yehudit

Zlotnik Abram (Zindlak) his wife and children

Zlotnik Abram his wife and 4 children

Zlotnik Abram Pinkus

Zlotnik Baruch Simcha his wife and children

Zlotnik Chaja

Zlotnik Dwora

Zlotnik Efraim his wife and 2 children

Zlotnik Ester

Zlotnik Haszke and children

Zlotnik Hersz Yosef

Zlotnik Izak Kalman

Zlotnik Kalman

Zlotnik Lajbel

Zlotnik Lea

Zlotnik Machel

Zlotnik Mania

Zlotnik Moshe his wife and 2 children

Zlotnik Ruchcze

Zlotnik Ryfka

Zlotnik Szimon (Zindlak) his wife and children

Zlotnik Szmuel Dawid

Zlotnik Wolf son of Lajbel

Zlotnik Wolf son of Meir Machil

Zlotnik Yankel

Zlotnik Yenkel

Zonabend Chana Miriam

Zonabend Dwora and her husband

Zonabend Golda

Zonabend Rafel Moshe

Zoyer Frajdel

Zychlin Berl

Zychlin Bluma

Zychlin Chana

Zychlin Cirel Lea

Zychlin Haim

Zychlin Hinda

Zychlin Hinda Chaja

Zychlin Itcze Jakob

Zychlin Moshe Machel

Zychlin Sara Lea

Zychlin Szmuel

Zylberbaum Channa

Zylberbaum Chawa

Zylberbaum Frajdel

Zylberbaum Frajdel

Zylberbaum Gittel

Zylberbaum Moshe Yosef

Zylberbaum Rachel and her husband Moshe Yelin

Zylberbaum Szimszon

Zylberbaum Zyssel

Zylberberg Chajka

Zylberberg Elie

Zylberberg Jecheskel

Zylberberg Miriam Lea

Zylberberg Moshe

Zylberberg Perl and 4 children


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