Pictures from a Trip to Poland July 1999

Aharon and elder daughter Rachel (named after his sister who was murdered in Treblinka) born 1946, Tel Aviv, standing over the Opoczno memorial stone in Treblinka.

July99 - near what was once the Synagogue in Opoczno...

Aharon Carmi and the Mila 18 memorial stone in Warsaw, where his friends fought in the April 1943 uprise against the Nazis and perished.

Aharon Carmi near the main Ghetto memorial in Warsaw.

Miriam (nee Furmanski), Aharon's wife, in Treblinka, by the Minsk-Mazowiecki memorial stone. She was born in that shtetl and all her family perished there and in Treblinka. She is the only survivor.


We Shall not Forget!!!

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