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Holocaust Chapter

 Mourning Dates for Memorial Days of our Martyrs

Saturday, the 17th of Tammuz 5701 - the 12th of July 1941.

This Saturday was written in our history of ruins as the Black Shabbat. Among 5000 Jews from Bialystok that were caught and murdered in Patrasha Fields and then in the death camps outside of the city, many from Zabludow also perished. We know these names: Melech Isaruk (the tailor), his brother Mamme (Avrahamel), Feivl Zesler and his older son; Avrahamel Bazruk, Velvel Glatshtein, his son and son-in-law; Shlomo and Leib Gorosh; Moshe Binyamin Sindrovsky and his son Leible; Heidle Shaitsheek's husband, her two sons and son-in-law; the famous educator from Bialystok Moshe Zabludovsky and the teacher Binyamin Kapustein (principal of the Tachkemonie school in Zabludow). Those who perished in this cruel fire are known by the name "People of Shabbat".


Wednesday, the 1st of Kislev 5703 - the 10th of November 1943

(General Memorial Day for the Zabludow community that perished in the Holocaust).

On November 1st, 1942 the Nazis transported by wagons all the Jews from Zabludow imprisoned in the ghetto near the leather factories to Bialystok. First they were tortured in the army camp of the 10th Cavalry Unit. From there they were expelled to Treblinka where they were killed by gas on November 10th 1942. On that day most of the Jews of Zabludow died a cruel death.


January 1943

In January 1943 many Jews of Zabludow that had previously been expelled to the Proshna ghetto and later with the destruction of this ghetto were transferred to Auschwitz together with the Jews from Proshna -- perished. Among those who perished were Rabbi Jochanan Mirsky (may his righteous memory be blessed), his daughter and grandson, Rabbi Yaakov Zesler and others.


30th Shevat - 5th of February 1943

The first stage of the destruction of the Bialystok ghetto from where 12000 Jews were expelled to Treblinka - many were from Zabludow.

On that day the Nazi murderer Fritz Friedel killed more than 100 Jews as a revenge for the daring rebellion of Malmed. Among those shot were all the family of Motka Zabludow and his sister Beila Zesler and her two daughters, Lila and Solya.


15th of Av 5703 - from the 16th to the 23rd of August 1943

This is the week the ghetto Bialystok was destroyed completely. Then the last people from Zabludow that were in the ghetto were killed.


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