Pages From The Zabludow Yiskor Book:

Zabludow; Dapim Mi-tokh Yisker-Bukh , editor: Nehama Shavli-Shimush, Published by Former Residents of Zabludow in Israel, 1987 (Hebrew)

Translation from Hebrew by Ziva Rosenhand
Funded and Coordinated by Tilford Bartman:

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Message from Tilford Bartman

The Old Synagogue of Zabludow: 1635-1939, a Model by Moshe Verbin, Kibbutz Yakum

Holocaust Chapter

  1. Parting (Separation)
    by Eliyahu Ben Moshe-Baruch ve' Bluma Zesler, (Haifa, 1986)
  2. Before The Destruction
    By Phinia Korovski (New York)
  3. Our Dear City of Birth and its Convulsive and Terrible Demise
    By Y. Alter
    a. The last days of the Soviet regime
    b. The German invasion of Zabludow and the first horrible acts.
    c. The torturing of the town Jews and their attempt to run away.
    d. The first miracle.
    e. the suppression of Zabludow's Jews.
    f. Our ties with Bialystok.
    g. The expulsion from Zabludow.
    h. My escape from Zabludow and my wanderings.
    i. The way I entered the Bialystok ghetto.
    j. The events in Bialystok during the Actions Days.
    l. The expulsion from Bialystok.
    m. The journey to Maedunk- the suffering in the camp.
    n. In Belishin camp
    o. In the Radoom camp
    p. the big march to Germany
    r. The long walk from Agusbourd to the release.
  4. My Mother, Where Are You?
    By Nechama Yacchnok-Loshitsky
    (In Memory of my mother Michala)
  5. My Experience from the Days of the War. I'm Returning to the Burnt Zabludow
    By Ephraim Rubbins
  6. The Destruction of our Dear Home
    By Yacob Rogovski
  7. Our Big Tragedy
    By David Zabludovsky
  8. Horrors, Death and Destruction
    (Experiences of a Holocaust Survivor)
    By David Zabludovski (Ben Chaim Tzvi, Mexico)
    The Heroic Action of 'Malmed' Zabludow Who is in the Fire
  9. Our Ruined Zabludow- and its Martyrs
    By Raizel Wogman Bachrach
  10. I Saw my Ruined House
    By Avishai Dolinsky
  11. We Shall Never Forget!
    By Michael Lifshitsz, Tel Aviv.
  12. The last notebook of Zabludow
    By Michael Lifshitz, Tel Aviv
  13. Mourning Dates for Memorial Days of our Martyrs
    By Shmuel Zesler
    Saturday, the 17th of Tammuz 5701 - the 12th of July 1941.
    Wednesday, the 1st of Kislev 5703 - the 10th of November 1942
    January 1943
    30th Shevat - 5th of February 1943
    15th of Av 5703 - from the 16th to the 23rd of August 1943
  14. Man's Foundation is Soil
    By Akiva Glarstein - Kibbutz Ramot Menashe, 1986
  15. Expatriots of Zabludow in Israel
    By Shlomo Dolinski, Bnei' Brak.
  16. In Memory of My Father
    By Avishi Ben-Shlomo Dolinski, may his memory be blessed

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