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Zabludow; Dapim Mi-tokh Yisker-Bukh , editor: Nehama Shavli-Shimush, Published by Former Residents of Zabludow in Israel, 1987 (Hebrew) Translation from Hebrew by Ziva Rosenhand
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The Old Synagogue of Zabludow: 1635-1939, a Model by Moshe Verbin, Kibbutz Yakum

Holocaust Chapter


In Memory of My Father
Avishai Ben-Shlomo Dolinsky, May His Memory Be Blessed
Shlomo Dolinsky, Bnei' Brak.

It saddens me that you are unable to see this book about Zabludow Jews, the town of your birth. You left this town, when all your family was left there, and were destroyed by the Nazi enemies, may their name be erased. You came to Israel on your own and here you established a new family. In the memories of the expatriates of Zabludow in which you were one of the active members, you brought up memories from Zabludow's life in past years. You always emphasized to me the saying "All of Israel should care for each other"; a saying that I saw in the united spirit and comradeship that always existed among the people of Zabludow and their willingness to help each other. You also mentioned the institution of 'leenat ha'Tzedek' [sleeplessness of righteousness] that was known in its many actions of helping the poor. You made sure to always remind me that our children that were born in Israel have to know their origin.

Even in your difficult days when you fought your terrible illness you always made sure to be present in the memorial services for the Zabludow expatriates. You were the one to say the eulogies in the prayer 'El Ma'ale Rachamim' and 'Kaddish', in your splendid voice, the memory of Zabludow martyrs. With deep pain I'll finish with a part of that prayer: "for the memory of mentioning the soul of my father, Avishai Ben-Shlomo ha'Levi, may his soul be bound up in the bonds of everlasting life in the Garden of Eden, may he rest, and shall we say Amen."

Died on the ninth of Tevet, 1987, may his memory be blessed.


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