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Zabludow; Dapim Mi-tokh Yisker-Bukh , editor: Nehama Shavli-Shimush, Published by Former Residents of Zabludow in Israel, 1987 (Hebrew) Translation from Hebrew by Ziva Rosenhand
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The Old Synagogue of Zabludow: 1635-1939, a Model by Moshe Verbin, Kibbutz Yakum

Holocaust Chapter


 Manís Foundation is Soil
By Shmuel Zesler

From soil man was created
and to the soil he will return
In his soul he will bring his bread
In tears and sadness.

And man is a metaphor
For the vessel, to a broken vessel;
To the grass in the field
That will grow - become green - then die.

And to the flower in the garden
That will blossom - wilt, then wither.
To the silent shadow
That will pass and be gone.

To the cloud in the sky
Which quickly disappears in the horizon
And to the whistling wind that sways
That blows and quickly wanes.

To the dust that wanders in the air
Without purpose, without taste, causeless
To the dream that suddenly appears
And vanishes quickly, departs and ceases

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