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Zabludow; Dapim Mi-tokh Yisker-Bukh , editor: Nehama Shavli-Shimush, Published by Former Residents of Zabludow in Israel, 1987 (Hebrew) Translation from Hebrew by Ziva Rosenhand
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The Old Synagogue of Zabludow: 1635-1939, a Model by Moshe Verbin, Kibbutz Yakum

Holocaust Chapter


We Shall Never Forget
By Avishai Dolinsky


To the six million Jews that perished, burned and gassed; fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children, grandmothers and grandfathers; rabbis, authors, artists, merchants and craftsmen; teachers and educators.

Whole communities, whole sects were thrown into fires and into the gas chambers and among them our unforgettable community Zabludow


-- To our home and birthplace Zabludow; each and every one of us will forever remember his acquaintances and all those we loved. Their countenances will be forever engraved deep in our hearts…yet they are no longer!…disappeared with the smoke!…the Nazis (may their memory be erased) burned them alive!…There is a common saying: "all that the earth covers -- is forgotten"…We are forbidden according to this saying…Our martyrs did not die a natural death and were not brought for burial!…They were uprooted in the prime of their lives by the Nazi animals, that masqueraded as humans. They were murdered in the cruelest manner.

The Nazis murdered them in the gas chambers and burned them in the crematoria; old and young, men and women, children and tots – they were murdered in Majdanek, Treblinka and Auschwitz. Even graves did not remain…no graves, no gravestones, no stones!…

We bear a heavy burden of rocks of sadness deep in our hearts; we will carry in our hearts the grief forever – until the end of our lives…

The ashes of our martyrs was scattered by the wind upon the face of the earth, on rivers and seas…

And every place that a son of Zabludow lives, he will mourn the fate of our town’s sons and will not forget. He will also know that it is not enough to cry over the loss. We must unite with our martyrs and we must obey the commandment: "May the memory of Amalek be erased." We must never forget! At least this we owe our martyrs – we shall not forgive and we shall not forget! They command us to avenge their death!!!


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