My Message to JRI Forum 18 March 1999.

Subject: Shalom PLOCK (7)...


I am pleased to announce that more records have been just added to the growing JRI database of the indices of vital records filmed by the Mormons, of Plock, which was one the most ancient Jewish community in Poland.

Now was added the following data from:
*Microfilm 730202 BMD covering the years 1837 - 1844
*Microfilm 730203 BMD covering the years 1845 - 1852
total of 3600 additional records.

There are now 7800 records all together and the data available for any researcher from Plock and its area now is:
B 1822-52,79-86
M 1822-25,27-52,80-81
D 1822-52,80-81

Many thanks to the following volunteers all over the world who transliterated these years: Anthony Stern from Qatar, Harvey Kaplan from Scotland, John Holcenberg M.D. from USA, Rita (Heller) Benchimol from USA, Willy Zalmon from Israel and Harriet Brown from USA.

And we are moving on... Microfilm 730204/730205 covering BMD records of years 1853 - 1863 has been transliterated but not yet submitted.

The work on the last microfilms before the Russian years: 1201496/1201497/1201499 covering years 1864-1867 is in full swing...

I just received through the kind cooperation of Hadassah Lipsius photocopies made by an anonymous volunteer of about 2500 records from the Russian years, microfilms 1733678 - BMD 1875 and 1733679 MD 1876-9 B 1876-1878 which now need to be translated from Russian. Through this media I extend my sincere thanks to the volunteer who did this for us and to dear Kesher who coordinated the operation...

Being in Israel without access to LDS center, I still rely on volunteers whom I hope will respond, as I need to xerox still the following years:
1201497 B 1868-1872
1201498 M 1868-1869
1201498 D 1868-1874
1201499 D 1874-1875

Please contact me if anyone out there is willing to do this for our project to be fulfilled.

Last but not least, I wish to finish this message with a personal story. Not all the volunteers could do the transliteration they committed themselves to do, for many reasons which I understand. So it resulted in me doing it myself, in my scarce free time. One evening when fighting this painstaking transliteration task, I noticed among the hundreds of dry registrations, the birth record of my own great grandmother, Hana Nekha LISSER, B 1850. After obtaining the birth record itself, I found out who were her parents: Israel Boruch LISSER and Jtta GOWRON. Rechecking the already transliterated data, I found a marriage record of the young couple, my gg-grandparents, year 1842. I am waiting now impatiently for the certificate itself which will reveal their ancestors and extent my roots even deeper into the beginning of the 19th century... Being able to construct my family tree 6 generations backward is a real gift which I got, compensation for the endless work invested by me in this project.

Ada Holtzman

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