Rabbi Abraham Zaddik of Ciechanow, one of the famous chassidic saintly men who influenced the Jewish community of Plotzk during the first half of the 18th century, was descended from simple folk.

His father, Reb Rafael Dobzinsky had sent him as a youth to study Tora in Plotzk where he very soon made a name for himself by his study - learning and thorough knowledge of the Holy Books.

One of the richest men of the community, Reb Dan Landau, gave him his daughter for a wife. She, Itta was also famous of her righteousness. Rabbi Abraham remained in the house of his father-in-law, even adopted his family name until he was called to serve as Rabbi of Ciechanow, where he came under the influence of the Chassidic sect. He started to practice as the Rabbi of Ciechanow in year 5789 (1829).

Although he was not at all eager to act as a Rebbe, the Chassidim of his town and the surrounding area elected him as their Zaddik. Numerous tales are told of his wisdom and erudition. (See "History of Chassidism", Tel-Aviv 19?6).

After his death in 1875, age 90, several of his books such as "Abraham virtues" were printed.
Other books were
"Ahavat Khesed" ("Love of Piety") - on the Order of Women and Purification; "Beit Abraham" ("The House of Abraham" - on problems regarding the Six orders of the Mishna and more.

The popular image of the Rabbi motivated his great-grandson Zysche Landau, a poet who was born in Plotzk, to dedicate one of his poems to the memory of that great man, 40 years after he had passed away.

In our days, Rabbi Y.L Zlotnik (AVIDA) wrote about him in his book: "Minhagei Israel" ('The customs of Israel')  and his Y. Raphael in "Sefer Ha'Khasidut" ("The book of Chassidism.").

His grandson Menachem Mendel Chaim Landau, who was a rabbi in some comunities in Poland and later settled in Detroit, wrote about him a book: "Ahavat Khesed m'et Zkeni Ha'Admu"r Mi'Ciechanow " (Love of the Piety by my grandfather, the Rabbi and Master the Zadik from Ciechanow).
After his death also was published a collection of articles and commentaries about his rulings by the name of "Ve'Yaas Abraham" ("And Abraham will do").


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