From the Yizkor Book of Gombin, the Yiddish part, pages 5 - 6

Mikolai Gibs:

... Not everyone can put
garlands and flowers
on tombs of fathers
and mothers...
brothers and sisters...
Not everyone knows
what fate befell on them
in the years of that war.
In vain they search
in the sands of Treblinka
in the ashes of Auschwitz,
in the extinguished crematorium of Brzezinki...
And in spite of that they put
garlands and flowers on all the monuments:
of the Anonymous Soldier
and the Godess of Victory,
of National Heros,
heros of the revolt.
They put there the garlands,
because there was never built until today
a monument for the anonymous victim,
who fell with hatred in his eyes
to all the Germans...
who fell with last thought
about his children gone and lost -
with longing for revenge
because anonymous is the tomb of
his father and his mother
of his brothers and his sisters...
You watch the symbols of the monuments
and sometimes it seems to you,
that you see there all your kinsmen...
Painfully you realise
that up till now there do no exist the statue,
which can create
an image - to embody
the sufferings of the human kind.

Warsaw, November 1966.



The translation to Hebrew made by my late father, Meir Holtzman. I translated to English.

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