Nacha Chmielnicki Fux
Opoczno, 1906 - Treblinka 1942

Nacha In Tel Aviv, Palestine 1927

Nacha was a most beautiful girl, born in Opoczno in 1906, only 3 years before Gideon Carmi's father was born, and was his closest sibling. Her parents, Gideon's grandparents, sent her in 1926 to Palestine / Eretz Israel to find a husband and settle down and maybe prepare the grounds for the whole family to make Aliya.

She could not adapt to the harsh conditions here at those times, suffered from the heat and mal-nutrition, was sick most of time, so in 1928 she returned to Opoczno. She got married 2 years later, in 1930, to Chaim Fux, a descendant of the Przysucha Rebbe (a very famous rabbi in Poland, a great Chassid with many followers. They had 2 children, a girl Dwojra, born 1931, and a son Aron, born 1935, named after his (and Gideon's) grandfather. Aharon Carmi is also named after him. They all perished in Treblinka in September 1942.

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