Jewish Plock Today: The Remnants

"Plock, one of Poland oldest cities, beautifully situated on high escarpment above the Vistula, in summer strewn with roses, Mount Tumskie rearing its impressive head crowned with the old Cathedral."
From the book: "Plock" by Krystyna Kolinska and Arkady Brzezicki text, Franciskzeek Karasiewicz: photographs, Wydawnictwo Sport Turystyka Warszawa 1965


The Synagogue

From the book by Razimierz Askanas "Sztuka Plocka" Plock 1991

The Grand Stone Synagogue of Plock, erected 1810, transformed into a warehouse by the Nazis who burnt and destroyed all the Jewish houses on the nearby Synagogalna Street, after deportation of the Jews March 1941. The synagogue was demolished by the Poles in 1950 as dangerous site.

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