We Remember Jewish Plock!

In wrath and sorrow we shall remember the pure and holy souls of our brothers and sisters who fell at the hands of the corrupt murderers devoid of Godís image.

We shall remember the humble Jews and the highly cultured ones, glory of the people, the old and the young, the honest and dear ones, the righteous and the charitable, the magnanimous and the faithful.

We shall remember the dreams, the hopes and aspirations, the high ideals, love for the people of Israel and love of the land, the faith and the heroism, the hate and contempt for their murderers.

We shall remember the synagogues and the houses of learning, the Institutes for charity and good deeds, the schools and the libraries, all the Zionist and Educational Organizations for the benefit of the people.

We shall remember all those who were destroyed and annihilated and wiped out by the insane and thoroughly corrupt enemy, we shall remember -

We shall not forget!

Aba Kovner
(Translated from Hebrew to English by Bianca Shlezinger May 98).

The Nacrology List of the Plock Holocaust victims will be posted soon in this page.
6 March 1999.

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