My grandfather Jakob Gostynski and his brother-in-law, Nachum Sanicki in the early years of the 20's century, in Gombin.

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Date: Wed, 13 Feb 1999
From: Ada Holtzman
Subject: Searching Gostynski...

 In the Holocaust Global Registry I found the following record, searching a lost child Gostynski Dan from Lodz.

<Born: Around 1937 Lodz , Poland
<Parents: Gostynski, Szymon-born 1904 & Gostynski, Magda

Through the kind assistance of Mrs. Eva Floersheim from the Galil Genealogical Society ( who is among the founders and leaders of the incredible project: "Missing identity"), I was connected with Leon (Lajb) Gostynski, who is the uncle of Dan, the little child who was given to a Polish farmer, near Zawichost.

My special interest in this name is that my mother was born GOSTYNSKI in Gombin (Gabin) near the town of Gostynin and Plock. I never thought there is anybody in the world who is named Gostynski. All the Gostynski family, Pinkus - my uncle; Jakob - my grandfather and they didn't also spare my great grandfather Mosiek, age 85 years old, all were put to death in Chelmno April 1942. So my heart missed a beat, when, after many months I received a letter from the man who made the initial inquiry: Leon (Lajb) GOSTYNSKI. He was born in Lodz, son of Jakob (same name as my grandfather...), son of Szimon GOSTYNSKI. The man wrote to me that there was a tradition in the family from father to son, that the family originated in ...Gombin... So we must be related but we don't know how.

Moyzesz GOSTYNSKI (my ggrandfather) was a butcher in Gombin. Through marriage certificate located in the JRI database, I found out that he was born in Gombin year 1857, father: Loyne (?) and mother Ryfka. From past research I know he had a brother: Dawid GOSTYNSKI.

Moyzesz GOSTYNSKI descendants (all perished in the Holocaust without leaving any traces) were: Jakob GOSTYNSKI (my grandfather, murdered in chelmno), Perla ZAWIERUCHA b. 1890 in Gombin, (transported from Drancy to Auschwitz 24.6.1942), Ryfka Lea SANICKI (perished in Chelmno ) and unknown daughter who married the baker of ZAKROCZYM and her name is still a mystery to me.

Back to the research for Dan Gostynski. More information supplied by Leon GOSTYNSKI: The 2 old baby boy was delivered to Polish farmers from the village near Sandomierz, about 100 miles South of Warsaw, on the border of Galicia and Congress Poland. This happened in 1942, when Dan's parents, Magda and Szymon run away from Ghetto Lodz. They delivered the boy to a Polish farmer near Zawichost, near Sandomierz. The information was supplied by another cousin, who run away together with the couple, named Rozenfeld. Leon believes he is still alive, under false identity, in Poland. After the war, the original Polish population of the village was replaced, and the people were transferred to other places in western Poland.

*Does anyone know about this transfer of population and when and why this happened.

* Where is Zawichost, as I couldn't locate in the map.

* May anyone have a suggestion how to continue the search of the little boy Dan GOSTYNSKI, now reaching 60, desperately searched by his uncle for tens of years?

* Does anyone know of any other GOSTYNSKI still alive who were born in Poland?

Any help will be highly appreciated, Toda Raba,


Ada Holtzman


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