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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 19:46:37 PST
From: Ada Holtzman
Subject: Droga mamuszka...


Time is running against us all and the following story might urge all of us to devote more time and give highest priority to family research...

Last April and May there was a most unique TV program broadcasted in Israel, in cooperation with the Polish TV, called: "Missing Identity". It was about Jewish orphan children who lost their parents, family, identity...It was followed by an internet most unique WEb site, erected by the Galilee Israeli Genealogy Society. and you can find it :

Everybody was very moved here, after the two programs of Meni Pe'er. The climax of the program was the re-union of Roza JARCYN (see profile nr 8) with her lost brother in an apartment in Jerusalem, and finding her mother who lived in Copenhagen, and who never stopped searching her little daughter. We all wept... may be because we all hope still, that little Eli or Herszel Laizer, Abram Izak or Jacob or Pinkus... May be little Hela and Gitele, Channa and beautiful Perla, Andjia and Golda Itta, may be one of them did survive and somehow, somewhere, they were saved in a convent or by a Polish farmer, given to adoption... Somehow, every one never ceased dreaming that someone survived and will come back from the ashes... a Jewish child, our child, is still alive, waiting for us, for his Jewish family who never ceased mourning his loss, as long as we live.

 Everyone had tears when we saw how Rozaspoke for the first time with her mother. And the mother tells her found daughter that she never stopped searching her all those years, and that now everything will be well again, if she will only say to her "Mamma"... but Rozacouldn't say "mamma" to her mamma... and it was very human and brought people to tears.

The following day, a friend told me, that after the 80th anniversary celebrated together, far from the tv light, Rozareturned to Copenhagen, to meet her mother again in private. The mother was already in the hospital. Roza took her hand, and said to her "droga mamuszka..." ( "dear mammma"... "immaleh"...) and they spent the day together, the happiest day in their tortured life and the following night her mother never woke again.

I send Roza and her family my deepest condolences, through this media, and hope it might reach their eyes.


Ada Holtzman


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