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"No gravestone Stands on Babi Yar"...

A few weeks ago someone wrote in this forum:

>I just learned that 1 uncle stayed in Russia and was killed at Babi Yar. Is<
>this a famous battle? Town? Is there info I can get from this. Should have<
>paid better attention on history class. <

I was very saddened by this message. We should all know what Babi Yar was, and what it meant in the long tragic history of our people. We should not forget the 33771 Jewish victims in the Babi Yar massacre, 29 - 30 September 1941, and more than 100000 all together, during the other years of German occupation in Kiev.

In Babi Yar, 2 years after the massacre, the Germans tried and nearly succeeded to "erase all traces", by a most hideous crime which took 6 weeks. But there was a revolt, and 14 survived and gave witness.

As the Ukrainian writer, Anatoly Kuznettsov, (he was the one who took the poet Yevgeni Yevtushenko to Babi Yar and told him everything he knew about the ravine, as he lived in Kiev during this horrible period) wrote in his book "Babi Yar"1)

"Again I visit Kiev.
Babi Yar is gone. the ravine is covered, through it passes a new road, and around it building remnants. But up to this day, while foundations are dug, there are bones found. The ashes were scattered a long time ago, parts remained in the depth of the earth, and from the victims remained only numbers and memories.
Each one of them was once a living human being, a personality with ideas, joys, sorrows and talents.
Until recently, there lived in the cemetery house above the ravine, the guard woman M. S. Lucenko - aunt Masha, of whom the Germans forgot all about and didn't suspect her, while she crawled in the bushes and saw it all. I think that any social crime cannot be kept a secret.
There will always be aunt Masha who sees, or 14 who survive, two, one, who will testify... And if there are no living people, than the dead will testify. History cannot be cheated and it is impossible to hide anything from it".

We should not forget what happened in Babi Yar!

I erected a memorial web page for Babi Yar, at:



1)Quote translated from Kuznettsov's book BABI YAR in Hebrew, by Ada Holtzman 

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