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2nd Appeal Sent by Stan Zeidenberg (Toronto, Canada), Special project coordinator, JRI - Poland for Mlawa Branch, Polish State Archives , 15 November 1998.

Dear fellow researchers,

Many thanks to those who have already made a contribution re Mlawa. To date we have raised $166. The total required is $798 so we have a way to go. The names of those who have been asked for support came from two sources: The Jewish Family Finder and the JewishGen discussion group archives. In fact I emailed 61 people who, from these sources, had an apparent interest in the people and community of Mlawa.

What we have received so far has come from only a few contributors. As you can see it is a very small percentage of the list. Perhaps not all 61 have maintained an active interest in Jewish Genealogy. So we need to raise more money from those who have.

If you have not yet gotten around to contributing and still have aninterest in the work, please consider it now - whatever amount you are comfortable with. How about approaching family and friends to help support this worthy project? It is quite common these days for those outside the active Jewish Genealogical community to recognize and support the higher purposes being expressed in the work of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland: the database is making it so easy for us to document and memorialize people and communities as a major by-product of our genealogical efforts.

I recently re-read an article that addresses this subject of the higher purposes and benefits to doing Jewish Genealogy. I am sending it along because, if you have not seen it before, you might appreciate it too, as well as noting many elements that could be useful in presenting our project and cause to friends and relatives who could be encouraged to give their support.

To keep it simple, I have included the article as part of the email text. See:
Arthur Kurzweil: "Genealogy as a Spiritual Pilgrimage"

Contributions should be sent to:

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland Project
c/o Sheila Salo, Treasurer
5607 Greenleaf Road
Cheverly, MD 20785

Please specify "Mlawa Archives project and the name of your town or towns" on the 'For' line of your cheque. Sheila will keep me posted.
If it is more convenient for you to make your contribution by Visa credit card,
NOTE for U.S. citizens: JRI-Poland in a non-profit U.S. Corporation and has 501 tax-exempt status. Your donations will be tax-deductible.For more background on the JRI-Poland / Polish State Archives project, click here for the issued at the conference in Los Angeles... or click here for the full text - with slides - of the presentation
and announcement :

Best wishes

Stan Zeidenberg (Toronto, Canada)
Special project coordinator, JRI - Poland
for Mlawa Branch, Polish State Archives

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