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1st. Appeal Sent by Stan Zeidenberg (Toronto, Canada), Special project coordinator, JRI - Poland for Mlawa Branch, Polish State Archives , 17 October 1998


Dear fellow researchers,

Many of us researching our ancestors from Poland have found valuable information in the microfilms of the LDS Family History Centers. For the last several years, this effort has been made far more focused because more than 300,000 of the records in the LDS collection have been indexed and are available on the Internet through the searchable database of Jewish Records Indexing-Poland:

The indices themselves provide valuable genealogical data and enable one to zero in on specific documents for further research. In most cases these indices - and the LDS films themselves - end some time between 1860 and 1870 - just before we get to the records for the people we know through family stories or contemporary records.

But now, indices to Polish-Jewish records for the years not filmed by the Mormons - (in most cases until approximately 1897) are in the process of being developed and added to the Jewish Records-Indexing -Poland database under a groundbreaking agreement between JRI-Poland and the Polish State Archives (PSA) See:

This means that when indexes are completed for the towns you are researching, this new material will finally allow you to expand your research into a time period that has been elusive and beyond your reach.

In most cases this period - generally 1866-1897 -- is the missing link in our genealogical chain -- the time when our grandparents and their sisters and brothers were born and were married. In addition, for some towns, registers exist from earlier years that were not filmed by the Mormons; the indices to these records will also be included.

The first archive to be completed was Pultusk, and the indices from that branch were added just prior to the Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy in Los Angeles in July.

Now, there is exciting news for researchers of towns whose records are contained in the Mlawa Branch of the PSA. The next archive whose records will be indexed is the Mlawa Branch. The following is a list of towns whose records are contained in the Mlawa archive, together with the funds (in U.S. dollars) required to do the work for each town:

Mlawa $ 798
Szrensk $ 381
Plonsk $1022
Ciechanow $1363
Biezun $ 331
Kuczbork $ 179
Nowe Miasto $ 112
Raciaz $ 445
Radzanow $ 283
Zuromin $ 279

When the costs of indexing the records for each of these towns is met (on a town by town basis), then the work on that town's material can be undertaken and completed, and the indices for that town will then be placed on the JRI-Poland searchable database for you and other researchers to see.

If you then find records of interest, you can simply print out an order form from the Jewish Records Indexing-Poland website and order the records from the Polish State Archives.

If you have research connections to more than one town, you should consider making contributions to several towns to ensure that their indices will be in the JRI-Poland database and searchable as soon as possible.

I have agreed to take on the special fund raising responsibility for Jewish Records Indexing - Poland with respect to this specific project - the Mlawa Archive. Please join me in making a contribution to this extremely worthwhile and exciting project. Your contribution towards the indexing of records for your town can bring to light information you may have never imagined you would find.

For practical reasons, this message is being sent only to researchers with email addresses. So, please spread the word to everyone you are in contact with who has an interest in any of the above towns --family, friends, co-researchers. All should be encouraged to make a contribution.

Contributions should be sent to:

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland Project
c/o Sheila Salo, Treasurer
5607 Greenleaf Road
Cheverly, MD 20785

Please specify "Mlawa Archives project and the name of your town or towns" on the 'For' line of your cheque. Sheila will keep me posted.
If it is more convenient for you to make your contribution by Visa credit card,
NOTE for U.S. citizens: JRI-Poland in a non-profit U.S. Corporation and has 501 tax-exempt status. Your donations will be tax-deductible.For more background on the JRI-Poland / Polish State Archives project, click here for the issued at the conference in Los Angeles... or click here for the full text - with slides - of the presentation
and announcement :

Best wishes for the New Year

Stan Zeidenberg (Toronto, Canada)
Special project coordinator, JRI - Poland
for Mlawa Branch, Polish State Archives


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