This Web Page is dedicated to the Memory of Lejzer Flinker, son of Moshe, from Kalisz, known as "Zdislaw Kubicki" during WWII, who was killed during the Polish Revolt in Warsaw, 17 August 1944 in battle. He received the highest Polish Medal ("Virtuli Militari") for his heroism. The Medal was found on his bleeding body. He was buried by brother Jakob Flinker on January 20th 1945 in the Jewish Cemetery of Warsaw. God will revenge his blood.


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 A Matzeva in Tomaszow Mazowiecki Jewish Cemetery

Note to the Reader:
The following linked Web Pages are mostly found in my site.
Exceptional are the web page of Tilford Bartman  - Zabludow Synagogue, Sobibor, the Yiddish Theater memorial and the remarkable web site of Mike Rosenzweig, Ph. D. : "Jewish-Polish Heritage".
I thank Moshe Verbin, who gave me the permission and blessing to post his wooden synagogue exhibition on-line! (completed in March 2003).
I don't pretend to cover all the subjects in full. Such a project will require dedicated work of   hundreds of people' whole lives...
All those pages constitute just a drop in the ocean of culture, wisdom, tradition, creation and many other expressions of the human Jewish spirit, that has been the heritage of the vanished Polish Jewry...

Ada Holtzman May 5th, 2000

Gone now are those little towns where the shoemaker was a poet,
The watchmaker a philosopher, the barber a troubadour.

Gone now are those little towns where the wind joined
Biblical songs with Polish tunes and Slavic rue,
Where old Jews in orchards in the shade of cherry trees
Lamented for the holly walls of Jerusalem.

Gone now are those little towns, though the poetic mists,
The moons, winds, ponds, and stars above them
Have recorded in the blood of centuries the tragic tales,
The histories of the two saddest nations on earth

Antoni Slonimski

Translated poem contributed by Pawel D. Dorman


איציק מאנגר


תחת חורבות פולין


תחת חורבות פולין

ראש זהוב מונח,

הראש והחורבן

אמת לאמיתה.


השלג ממשיך לרדת

על חורבות פולין

ראשה הזהוב של נערתי

מול עיני יגוני מונח.


הכאב יושב על שולחן הכתיבה

כותב מכתב ארוך

הדמעות בעיני נערתי

אמיתיות ועמוקות.


מעל חורבות פולין

צפור קינה לה עפה,

נושאת היא בכנפיה

את שיר האבל על פולין החרבה.



איציק מאנגער


אונטער די חורבות פון פּוילן


אונטער די חורבות פון פּוילן

א קאפ מיט בלאנדע האר –

דער קאפ און סיי דער חורבן

ביידע זענען וואר.


איבער די חורבות פון פּוילן

פאלט און פאלט דער שניי,

דער בלאנדער קאפ פון מיינ מיידל

טוט מיר מסוכן וויי.


דער וויטיק זיצט ביים שרייבטיש

און שרייבט א לאנגן בריוו,

די טרער אין זיינע אויגן

איז אמתדיק און טיף.


איבער די חורבות פון פּוילן

פלאטערט א פויגל אום,

א גרויסער שיבעה-פויגל,

ער ציטערט מיט די פליגל פרום.


דער גרויסער שיבעה-פויגל,

(מיין דערשלאגן געמיט).

ער טראגט אויף זיינע פליגל

דאס דאזיקע טרויער-ליד.


Itzik Manger


Under the Ruins of Poland


Under the ruins of Poland

a golden head lies

both the head and the destruction

are very true.


The snow continues falling

over the ruins of Poland

the golden head of my beloved

in front of my aching eyes.


Pain is sitting at the desk

and writes the longest letter.

The deep tears in her eyes

are very true.


A large bird of mourning

flies above the ruins

carries in her wings

the song of grief

over the ruins of Poland

Icyk Manger


Tłumaczyła Halina Birenbaum


Pod ruinami Polski



Pod ruinami Polski

głowa jasnowłosa -

ta głowa jak te ruiny

jedno i drugie jest prawdą


Ponad ruinami Polski

śnieg pada i pada,

jasnowłosa głowa mojej dziewczyny

sprawia mi niebezpieczny ból.


Ten ból siedzi przy biurku

i pisze długi list,

łzy w jego oczach

są prawdziwe i głębokie.


Ponad ruinami Polski

krąży wokoło ptak,

wielki ptak-żałoba,

on drży pobożnie skrzydłami.


Ten wielki ptak-żałoba,

(moje rozbite samopoczucie)

on dźwiga na swoich skrzydłach

tę oto pieśń-żałobę.



 Jewish-Polish Heritage

Mike Rosenzweig, Ph. D. Web Site The web page is no more available. December 2003.

Early History of the Jews in Poland By Mike Rosenzweig

FODZ (Foundation for the  Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland - Fundacja Ochrony Dziedzictwa Żydowskiego)

 Abbreviations of the Organizations' Names, Institutions and Terms in Poland before   World War II

The Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation of Canada - Toronto Chapter

The Synagogues

 David Dawidowicz: Synagogues in Poland and their Destruction

Moshe Verbin: Wooden Synagogues of Poland in the 17th and 18th Century

The Ancient Grand Synagogue of Gombin

Tilford Bartman: the Ancient Grand Synagogueof Zabludow

Handshouse Studio Zabludow Synagogue Workshop

The Yeshiva (Rabbinical College)

Yeshivat Chochmei Lublin

 What Will Remain from the Remains...???

Poland's Jewish Heritage Under Attack

The Last/Lost Synagogue of Plock

We Remember Jewish Inowlodz

הרצחת וגם ירשת?

“Have You Killed and Also Taken Possession” (English)

Zamosc Synagogue

 The Cemeteries

Benjamin Yaari: Documenting Jewish Cemeteries in Poland - Message to the Youth

Benjamin Yaari & Ada Holtzman: To Document, to Cherish, to Remember... Documenting Jewish Cemeteries in Poland

The Internet Database of the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery at Okopowa Street.

My Heart Breaks With Those Broken Stones... by Ada Holtzman

Abbreviations and Terms Found on Tombstones in Poland
 Skróty i wyrażenia znalezione na nagrobkach w Polsce

Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project (PJCRP)

The Ozarów Cemetery

Miriam Gimpel: Headstones Which Tell Stories

The Jewish Cemetery of Czestochowa

The Jewish Cemetery of Lodz

The Jewish Cemetery of Grodzisk Mazowiecki

The Jewish Cemetery of Tomaszow Mazowiecki

The Jewish Cemetery of Zdunska Wola

From Where Are Those Rare Old Matzevot?

Family Fundacja Nissenbaum

Saving the Cemetery of Rozan

Jewish Cemeteries pre 1945 - Reconstruction of Colours

Jewish Cemeteries in Poland

Message from Tomasz Wisniewski 11.7.2006:

Finally, why do we call ourselves "Bagnówka"? This is a district of Bialystok which contains the largest Jewish cemetery in north-east Poland. This cemetery is located next to the Catholic cemetery which in turns adjoins the Orthodox cemetery. These three cemeteries in Bagnówka that lie peacefully next to each are for us a potent symbol of what we are seeking to achieve - partnership and good-neighbourliness.

Tomasz Wisniewski: Wooden Tombstones from Jewish Cemeteries in Eastern Europe

The Foundation

 Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland 

    Fundacja Ochrony Dziedzictwa Żydowskiego

The Property

World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO)


The Rabbis

Pnina Meislish PhD : Biographies of Rabbis Perished in the Holocaust

GOMBINER, Abraham Abele Ben Hayyim Halevi (c1637-1683), a Polish Rabbi.

Jonathan Eyebeschuetz, son of Natan Neta (1690-1764)

Rabbi Abraham LANDAU of Ciechanow, The Plotzker "Ilui" (1795-1875)

Rabbi Natan Nute NUTKEVICH from Gombin and Rypin in the Warsaw Ghetto

Rabbi Yehuda Laib ZLOTNIK ("Elzet") - AVIDA 1887-1962

Rabbi Kalman ZLOTNIK of Glowno, 1860-1928

Rabbi Meir ZLOTNIK of Glowaczow, 1863 - 1942 (Kazienice, Holocaust)

Rabbi Szaja ZLOTNIK of Radom, Son of Meir, (1893 - Holocaust, Ghetto Szydlowiec )

Rabbi Yona Mordechai ZLOTNIK of Szransk, Zakroczym and Plock (1857 - 1922

Rabbi Yehoshua Moshe Aaronson ztz"l of Sanniki

R' Nathan Zvi Friedmann "Otsar Harabanim"


 The Lineage

Tree scanned and contributed by Liber Taub

The image hereunder is made from parts of the tree, like a puzzle... Click a part to enlarge it and view the names of the Rabbis.


"עץ החיים" אילן היוחסין של הבעש"ט ותלמידיו

Drzewo Genealogicczne B Szem Tow

"Etz Hahaim" the Genealogical Chart of Baal Shem Tov and his Disciples.

Ada Holtzman's Letter to IGS (Hebrew)

Introduction by Dr. Yehuda Klausner

List of the Persons

List of the Locations

List of the Dynasties

The Data File in Excel


The Poets and the Writers

Zisha Landau z"l, the Great Yiddish Poet from Plock

Rajzel Zychlinsky, Great Yiddish Poet from Gombin, Poland

Jacob M. Rothbart, Writer of the Shtetl Gombin

Dr. Ze'ev Jonis: "The Old Home Town - Mlawa"

Shalom Asch: "Dos Shtetl" - Written in Plock and about Plock Contributed by Grandson, David Mazower, U.K

Władysław Szlengel – Ghetto Warsaw Poet

Halina Birenbaum – a Writer & a Poet 

Zwoje-Scrolls (Kobos Web Sit)


 The Yiddish Theater

Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre, Volume V, In Memoriam, by Zylbercweig, Zalmen

All about Jewish Theatre


  The Musicians

Isaschar Fater: Jewish Music in Poland Between the two World Wars, World Federation of Polish Jews, 1970 - Lexicon of 392 Personalities & Biographies

The Lexicon


The Holy Books

The Lost Scrolls of the Law (Sefer Ha'Torah) of Sompolno in Konin Museum

The "Sidur" (Prayer Book) from Jozefow 1881

The Artists

The Artists from Plock


 The Films

The Stevan Spielberg Jewish Films Archive 


 The Fighters

Benjamin Meirtchak : "Jewish Military Casualtied in The Polish Armies in World War II"

The Heroes of Plock

The Forgotten Revolt in the Konin Forced Labour Camp

Babi Yar: The Revolt

Auschwitz: The Resistance Movement

Sobibor - The Forgotten Revolt (Thomas Toivi Blatt's Web Site)


 The Doctors

The Martyrdom of Jewish Physicians in Poland

The Testimony of Dr. Mark Balin



The Association of Next Generation of Polish Jewry

Hitachdut Yotzei Polin - Association



Katlekanye | Alef Beys | Forward | Mendele | Shtetl | Der Moycher Sforim | Noam Starik | Tapuz Forum | YIVO |
Dora Teitelboim | Arele | Penpal Club


 Yiddish Music

Yiddish Is Forever | Charles Aznavour: A Yiddishe Mamme   | Shalomania


Benny Hershkovitz's Forum (in "Tapuz")

New Museum

Michael H. Traison - Chicagoan at Groundbreaking for Museum of Polish Jews

The Pioneers, Dreamers of Zion

"Hashomer Hatzair" in Gombin


Kibbutz Hachshara "Lamifal" halutzim (pioneers) of Kibbutz Evron & Galon) Kalisz 1937 

And More...

Internet Links

Jewish-Polish Heritage The Synagogues The Yeshiva (Rabbinical College) What Will Remain from the Remains...??? The Cemeteries The Foundation The Property The Rabbis The Lineage The Poets and the Writers The Yiddish Theater The Musicians The Holy Books The Artists The Films The Fighters The Doctors Moreshet Yiddish Yiddish Music Judaica New Museum The Pioneers  Links

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