Chelmno - Death Camp for Total Extermination


The List Of Places from Which Jewish People Were Murdered in the Chełmno-On-Ner Extermination Center


Extermination Pits

The Testimonies of the Last Prisoners in the Death Camp Chelmno

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Other Two Last Testaments Kept in Yad Vashem

Chelmno, the First Death Camp in Poland

The Testimony of Michał Podchlebnik (Hebrew)

More Information on Chelmno and Gas Vans (Prof. Leon Zamosc's Web site):

Enquires on the Killing of the Gombin Jews | Chelmno: First Death Camp in Operation | Chelmno and Operation Reinhard | Deposition of Walter Burmeister | Deposition of Theodor Malzmueller | Interrogation of Adolf Eichmann |
Origins of the Gas Vans | Difficulties with the Gas-Vans | Technical Changes to Improve the Gas Vans
| The Development of the Gas-van in the Murdering of the Jews

Picture of the Gas Van from Chelmno

List of the Jewish Communities Liquidated in Chelmno

Janusz Gulczynski: "Oboz Samierci w Chelmno nad Nerem", Museum okregowne Konin 1991

The Children of Lidice

"Remembering Chelmno," by Juliet Golden, Abstract from Archaeology Magazine, Volume 56, Number 1 (Copyright the Archaeological Institute of America, 2003)

המכון ללימודי השואה ע"ש ח. אייבשיץ: מחנה ההשמדה הראשון חלמנו    


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