The wedding of Sara-Chaja Korn & Hersz Lajzer Holcman- 1932

Sara Chaja Koren from Zichlin and Hersz Lajzer Holtzman, wedding in Gombin 27.2.1932.

Hersz Leizer, my uncle, born in Gombin, 1905, son of Eliahau and Rasza Holcman.

Sara Chaja Koren, born in Zychlin, the nearby shtetl, 1905, daughter of Cwi and Frida Koren.

Their love bore fruit to a little beautiful only child, Channa, in the picture of the children with Meir Holtzman, the one to the right on the bottom.

Channa was only 6 years old, when the Nazis murdered her in Chelmno, together with her parents. This was the tragic end of the beautiful couple in the picture.

Your memory is in our hearts for eternity.

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