Another picture of "Hashomer Hatzay'ir" in Gombin, of a group "kvutza" called "Bamaaracha" - "in battle". It was Meir Holtzman own group. The picture was taken in 1934.

Standing, from left to right:

1) Welwek Friedland, perished in the Holocaust.

2) Moishe Zeidman

3) Izhak Glickzeliger. Dissapeared in Russia.

4) Yosel Woideslawsky.

5) A guest, not from Gombin.

6) Favesh Boll, from the family of cobblers. Perished in the Holocaust.

7) Lea Florkewicz. Survived in the Russian side, became a doctor of medicine and died recently in Israel. best friend of Yochevet Laks.

8) Meir Holtzman

9) Motel Gelbert, perished in the Holocaust.

10) Leon Zaleshinski, from Wolclawek, had a grandmother Stolcman (my family also).

11) Efraim Biebergal, his mother maiden name was Fleishman.

12) Moshe Cermalinski, brother of the late Sol Simon, to whom I am related, as found out only recently. Perished in the Holocaust.

We shall never forget!

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