We Remember Jewish Sanniki !

Imprisonment of the Jews of Sanniki in a church in Gostynin before Deportation to Chelmno, photographed by a Pole and delivered by A. Motyl to Rabbi Aaronson ZTZ"L

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The Last Rabbi of Sanniki: Rabbi Jeshua Aaronson ZTZ"L


The village of Sanniki1 sits on the main road between Warsaw and Gombin. It became industrialized in the second half of the 19th Century. In 1849 a sugar factory was established together with a distillery. In 1921 the Jewish population numbered 315 out of a total population of 1447 people.

The Jews were mainly involved with trading and craftwork, specifically tailoring. In the early 1920's the Jews established a curtain factory which employed many of the villagers. The factory employed Poles who lived in neighboring villages as well. The produce of the factory was marketed in Poland as well as abroad.

Between the wars the community was well organized with a synagogue serving its communal needs. In 1937 the Chief Rabbi was Jeshua Aaronson and the head of the community Simcha Yaskolka. During the 1930's there was a branch of the Zionist movement in the village which sent 21 delegates to the 20th Zionist Congress.

After the beginning of the Second World War the village was bombarded by the Luftwaffe and many houses caught fire. Many of the villagers left to go East and at the same time fugitives from Poznan, Lodz and Warsaw settled in the village. After the German occupation the Jews were taken to force labour camps and their possessions confiscated. In the summer of 1941 they were ordered to leave their apartments and move to a different neighbourhood which included a few streets and thereby created a small ghetto. At his stage they were still allowed some freedom of movement to buy food.

In the spring of 1941 the Germans ordered the Jews to demolish the local town Church generating anti-Semitic feelings. At the same time the occupiers sent a group of men to Konin labour camp. In the summer of 1942 when the ghettos in Gombin and Gostynin were eliminated the remainder of the community was taken to Chelmno.

1 Information supplied by Dr. Nigel Sanitt.



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