My grandmother Rasza Holcman, nee Zlotnik

My grandmother, Rasza Holcman, a great woman, deeply rooted in the shtetl, her whole culture, Yiddish, wisdom and humor was all what this Jewish culture has been before so brutally destroyed, is buried in the cemetery of Gombin somewhere, unmarked...

She was born in Plock, to a dynasty of famous rabbis all over Poland She was the widow of Eliahu Holcman, and run a grocery shop herself. She is mentioned in the Polish Business Directory of 1925. The Holcman family managed commerce of fruits and eggs, all over Poland. She was the mind behind the business.

Only two postcards from her remained in the possession of my father. She was a mediator, a judge, a match-maker, a leader... and most of all - she was a "Yiddishe mamma". Her love to her children was endless. I am named after one of her daughters, Golda Itta Bauman...

No one came to lit a candle and put a stone on her grave for 60 years. And she is together with so many of both my mother and father family for hundreds of years... and with thousands of Gombiners from 200-300 years...How can we rest, knowing that their tombstones have been destroyed and their graves were blasphemed.

It is true the dead have stopped to live and feel, but we didn’t and so will our children and grandchildren... We are passing shadows in this world. We have to honor our parents and "Avoteinu" because this what makes us Jewish.

While these lines are written, we just received great news from Gombin. Mr. Lukaszewski informed that all the tombstones served as curb-stones at the Browarna street sidewalk, were removed and are safe in the warehouse. 200 mm of tombstones were replaced by the Polish company, after over 50 years...

For many, it is too late now, and they without ever returning to Gombin, to cry over their beloved family memebrs’ tombstone, which in anycase was robbed off its grave.

May be Rasza’s tombstone is in the warehouse of the Communal Building Company now?

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