A play in Gombin ~1922

After the "Tarbut" school was closed, due lack of resources around 1925, the only elementary school the Jewish children attended was the Jewish general school. Afterwards, only very few managed to continue their education, in bigger cities, but due to the "numeros clauses" and economic pressure, it was very rare to a youngster to continue his studies after age 13-14.

Among the teachers, long remembered for their dedication and high values of culture and education, are:

* Perl Gricz, teacher for the realistic fields, mathematics, physics and other subjects, taught with very high level of knowledge.

* Kalmus - the eldest among the teachers, for handicrafts. He was a private teacher of my father, Meir Holtzman to Yiddish.

* Mme Wisoczka - the teacher. There is a whole document I received from Lukaszewski recently, about the Jewish school and a report Wisoczka made about the expenses and we can learn how hard they worked to keep the studies and fight the misery.

* Remboim - enlightened man, refined, very respected by the people. He founded a band of mandolins and run at his own house, a special circle for music, for the special gifted pupils. We recently learned from Jan Borysiak article about the Gombin Ghetto chronicle, that he encouraged the children, while gathered for 3 days, without food and water, before their murder in Chelmno. He sung Hebrew songs with them and tried to cheer them up somehow, keeping human dignity until the very end...

In the picture appears Wisoczka, who staged the children in the school play. My dear mother, Rywcia Gostinska standing to her right and below her to the right, sits, in a strange clown cap, Fraizler Cohen.

While visiting Gombin recently, I saw in the Jewish room of Lukaszewski archive, a program of a play on Shabat 5 November 1927 "Scwer zu zein e iid"... R. Gostinska (my mother) played the roll of Sara, Ch. Zandman was David Shapira, Z. Taifeld and H. Lanczki were their children, M. Zayonc played the role of a student, together with M. Wolman, D. Blawat, A. Szczawinski. M. Chaja played the role of Horowitz, the teacher, and S. Mochny was Kecele...

Yes, it is still hard to be a Jew, not only on the stage...

What a lost culture... what a lost language and wisdom...

We remember!

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