Abraham Holcman and his baby Eli

The first born son of the Holcman family: Abram Izhak Holtzman, born 28.3.1895, son of Rasza Holtzman (born to rabbi family Zlotnik from Plock) and Eliahu Holtzman. He was named after Abram Iciek Zlotnik, Rasza's father.

He Married in his early 40's, to Lea Luidor, Esperanto expert, who attended congresses in Warsaw and abroad in the 30's. A most intelligent woman, who followed her husband and settled in Gombin. They raised their little baby boy Eli, called after his grandfather Eliahu, who died in 1924.

All the family was liquidated, together with the other Jews of Gombin, by the Germans, in Chelmno 1942.

Their memory should be honored...




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